If There Were Crying in Baseball, Yankees Would Be Doing Lots of It

derek jeter crying.jpgDuring my high school days there was this kid who caused quite a bubble of interest everywhere he went.  A by all means normal, good-lookin’ dude, this guy was the essence of cool, the poster-child of charm, the cliche of class.

He had money.  Nice car.  Designer jeans.

Yet despite all of those wonderful attributes — both material and physical — no matter how hard he tried, the kid just couldn’t get right.

He failed school.  He drove under the influence.  He burned down his own house.

Nowadays, at 30 years old, you can find him living in his parents’ basement, driving his half-totaled IROC-Z with T-Tops back and forth to a running jape of part-time service industry jobs which require little more than a heartbeat.

And every time I see the Yankees, dear readers, I can’t help but think of him.

Because no matter how hard they try, the New York Yankees just can’t get right.

Excessive amounts of money, $1.5 billion new stadium, marquee pitching… and still, those damn Yankees can’t beat the Red Sox, best the Royals’ win total or avoid the onslaught of negative press that follows Alex Rodriguez around like Jose Molina does an all-you-can-eat buffet.

It is sad, folks, really sad when the most positive headlines from the Yankees’ young season include the following:

  • Nick Swisher as Offensive Powerhouse
  • Damaso Marte Injured; Physically Unable to Allow His Typical 5 Runs per Appearance
  • Joe Girardi’s Excuse: I Am as Dumb as I Look

Jimmy Dugan may have said “there’s no crying baseball”, but he didn’t say jack about burning down your own house.  And so far, the Yanks are doing a mighty fine job of that!

I mean, don’t get me wrong, a 13-12 record ain’t all that bad, but in the Evil Empire, you might as well be winless.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




  1. roundrock15

    I think a veteran club, especially one missing their best hitter AND his backup and forced to play Angel Berroa at third base regularly, will take a 13-12 record at this point in the season.

    25 games into 2008, the Rays, Phillies, Brewers, and White Sox were 14-11; the Dodgers were 12-13. So they’re at most a game behind the pace of 5 of the 8 playoff teams from 2008. Teixeira is slumping, A-Rod is missing, Sabathia is shaky. Those three things will change; they just will.

    Plus their payroll is down this year, and they have actual prospects, giving them flexibility to make changes down the stretch. I don’t think they’re happy about where they are, but I strongly doubt that anyone’s jumping off any tall buildings. The Angels were picked by most people to win the West going away; they’re 11-13. The Cubs are 14-12.


  2. redstatebluestate

    RoundRock — I agree; but if you listen to the Yankee fans’ laments, you might think the sky IS falling. That’s all I’m sayin’. Not to mention, they look kind of off as a team. Sure, injuries and whatnot play a role, but this the Yankees. They gotta have nerves of steel, or else.

  3. spearl19

    The Yankees have nothing to fall back on. Their starting pitching is….iffy at best. They have no middle relief to speak of. They do “look off” as a team because I don’t think they meld well together. And let’s not forget the downward spiral started spiraling faster after the loss of Torre. Girardi is gaining experience, yes, but not quickly enough to be in New York.

  4. redstatebluestate

    spearl19 — Perhaps Joe would’ve been better off in Florida. No one would care how poorly he manages a pitching staff there.

  5. Paige Landsem

    Even though I don’t hate the Yankees like some people do, I would love to know how Hank Steinbrenner is handling all of this. Michael Wilbon has often called him a “buffoon” on PTI several times, and I bet Hank is doing a lot of crying (or whining) right now.

  6. redstatebluestate

    Julia — And it just keeps gettin’ better for ya, eh?!
    Paige — Hank is probably peeved, but he can’t light a candle to his pop.
    Erin — Your team ain’t alone in that cheap department, Erin. Lot of that going around.

  7. Kaybee

    Yeah, the Yankees aren’t doing that great. You can’t buy a championship! hehehe. But I do think it’s really cool that the Red Sox have won all five games against them. That’s pretty sweet.

  8. roundrock15

    I think that, clearly, you CAN buy a championship. Florida did it in 1997, Boston did it in 2007, and the Yankees have done it multiple times.

    In a way, the Yankees have no one to blame here but themselves. They allowed the Sox-Yankees rivalry to become a *RIVALRY* in the past ten years. Instead of focusing on their own house, they’ve kept an eye on Boston. They’ve gotten players solely so the Sox wouldn’t get them. They’ve allowed pressure to build up around these games that I don’t think Paul O’Neill and the boys had.

    Granted, the Sox have forced their hand on that matter by becoming the best organization in baseball. But the Yankees used to simply be the Yankees. Now, they’ve let themselves become The Red Sox’s Rivals. It’s a different culture. I had them pegged for a whole lot of wins this year, but just watching them, you don’t get the sense that this is a team who can compete night in, night out.


  9. redstatebluestate

    Roundrock — I see your point, still, buying a championship hasn’t worked for the Yanks since they actually started buying for championships. Sure, they’ve been in the post season, but no crown for 8 plus years now. Once they started shelling out the big dough they started not making it to the WS. Plus, the Tigers proved (last year) that you actually have to play well, doesn’t matter how many $$$ you put in if you don’t play well.
    Jane — True… except it didn’t play out last year. I blame Joe… Girardi.

  10. roundrock15

    I’m not sure about always starting slow. Since 2000, they’ve only been sub-.500 after 26 games and turned around to make the playoffs twice: 12-14 in 2007 and 11-15 in 2005.

    They were actually in better shape last year at 13-13 and failed to make the playoffs. Yes, it’s only 26 games into the season, but these games really do count. If there’s a silver lining, it’s that the Rays have also failed to distinguish themselves. No one knows how legitimate the Blue Jays are going to be, but even if they don’t stay relevant, they’ve stolen some wins from division opponents.

    Talking about a team’s problems isn’t Yankees bashing, Jane. I try to fairly assess every team, but the only one I bash is the Chicago Cubs.


  11. redstatebluestate

    Yeah, burning your neighbor’s house down doesn’t count, Tom. You lucked out this time 😉

  12. PAUL

    Without a lucid and loony George Steinbrenner, there aren’t going to be any capricious instances of “blame and fire”. You can’t blame Girardi for what’s going on for the most part, but if ARod takes some time to heat up, they’re gonna have a managerial decision to make by June if the season’s going down the tubes.

  13. redstatebluestate

    Prince — I think we can blame Girardi for his mismanaged bullpen… of course, not really for their lackluster performance.

  14. Dillon M

    A League of Their Own is a great movie. Tom Hanks was the perfect guy for the job as Jimmy Dugan. He was great. The Yanks have had an unexpected down year so far but I am still sticking with them. I mean c’mon… I’m a Yankee fan. At least we can say we aren’t the Nationals.

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