What Goes Around, Comes Around

As a born and bred Michigander, I know better than most that what goes around, comes around. The Pistons win it all a couple times in a row and then Michael Jordan comes along. Tigers go to the World Series one year and find themselves finishing behind the Royals two years later. And the Lions? Well, let’s not even start with that.

But sometimes going around and coming around can be a good thing. Griffey starts off with the Mariners and now he comes back to the Mariners. Cecil Fielder belts some home runs and now Prince Fielder (occasionally) does the same. However, I think I found something that epitomizes the upside of what goes around, comes around.

Happy Friday! Hope I didn’t just blow your mind.


-Video via The Daily Dish



  1. raysrenegade

    I always told that Clown College dean that taking in the ex-meth addicts as students/clients in a intervention/ rehabilitation program might lead to a disaster.
    Guess we better be glad they did not have access to the giant feet or the company clown Car. They all could have gotten away in that model.
    I loved it.
    That will start out my weekend on a good note after the squirrell suicidal moments I have had the past three days.
    Just what the doctor ordered………100 CC of Clown Crime.

    Rays Renegade


  2. redstatebluestate

    My head hurts after watching that and I don’t feel any smarter, Allen, which is a complete turn for you. Have you been juicing?

  3. rabbit23

    It may not fall into your “karma” category but just make sure you don’t forget that red colored hockey team from around here

  4. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    As I was reading, I saw the tell-tale sign of the YouTube video, and I got happy. There are always great videos in this blog. Then I saw the clown. Those are my biggest fear, so I’m not watching the video. I’m sad now. 😦

  5. baileybing@gmail.com

    Boys, will we have a post on Manny soon? He has entered into regular people’s bs radar, I know because I am sad enough to read perezhilton regularly.

    /Bailey Bing

  6. Elizabeth D.

    I love that Griffey Jr. is back on the Mariners. Kind of how a few years ago, the Marlins signed Conine to a one day contract or something so that he could retire with them. That’s a creepy clown, by the way.

  7. redstatebluestate

    MANNY MANNY MANNY MANNY MANNY MANNY. Yes, Bailey Bing, we got it covered… from the RSBS angle though, of course. RSBS staffers are busy investigating the uninvestigated and Allen will report Sunday.

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