Adding Insult to Insult

Cuck the fardinals Nothing says Cub fans like Old Style beer, bleacher bums and t-shirt hawkers on Clark and Addison trying to make a buck off of half-baked pseudo-profanity.

Long live the US American dream!

First there was “Cuck the Fardinals”.

Then there was “Cardinals take it in their Pujols”(which wittily showed a disenfranchised redbird being sodomized by a Louisville slugger).

And then there was the Cub faithful support of the racist “Horry Cow” featuring an Asian rendition of the late great Harry Caray… all part of the warm 2008 Chicago welcome to Japanese import Kosuke Fukudome.

But like all things, dear readers, even racism gets old.  So while the new fad in Wrigleyville attire may be a t-shirt that reads “Pujols Mows My Lawn”, I think it’s time we all grow up and act like adults.  First Asians, now Latinos… what’s next?  A crack at how Ryan Franklin looks like a neo-Nazi? (He does

Of course, this sharp razor of racism is double sided.  Vendors outside of Busch sell similar duds; in fact, they started the lawn care business with “Zambrano Mows My Lawn”, to which I couldn’t help but ask: how in the world does he have time for that?!?

Yet in all seriousness, this passé barrage of back-and-forth t-shirt warfare is all a bit lame in my opinion.  Can’t we just do drive-bys like they do in L.A. and S.F.?  Or why not just beat the crap out of each other like Red Sox and Yankees fans?

I boldly volunteer to throw the first punch… but, if I win the fight… you have to mow my lawn.

Horry Cow!

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.





  1. Dillon M

    Hey, I just was watching MLB Tonight and saw your Tiger Curtis Granderson go yard. He’s my favorite player. You guys are lucky to have him.

  2. Dillon M

    Hey, I just was watching MLB Tonight and saw your Tiger Curtis Granderson go yard. He’s my favorite player. You guys are lucky to have him.

  3. flairforthedramatic

    Awh, can’t take the heat Jeffy?
    You know the way to end the battle? Make a T-shirt that they can’t come back from.. I don’t have any suggestions as of yet, but I’m sure I [or definitely u] can think of something..
    – madd random, buh tell me how i think 2day wus like the first day i ever saw u w/ the skool shirt nd not a sweater on, lolz
    – V [ ]

  4. redstatebluestate

    Dillon — Exactly. And Grandy is Al’s guy. Not mine, unless you count him being a Southsider (Blue Isalnd what what!!!)
    Julia — Thanks!!!
    V — You need to put away the pipe, sweetie. LOL.

  5. redstatebluestate

    Nope. I’m surprised they had the know-it-all to make a racist Asian t-shirt myself, but dumb Cub fans can think long and hard as long as they’re sauced, Melissa. It’s the same way they pretend they didn’t just get swept. Wink, wink.

  6. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    Cubs fans are a…special…breed. At least the younger ones. The fact that they still wear the Horry Cow shirts and the Japanese bandanas and whatnot even after Fukudome said he really doesn’t like them proves to me that AT LEAST three quarters of that fan base is stupider than I previously thought.
    That edition of Palehose 8 pretty much sums it up, I think.

  7. redstatebluestate

    Jen — Well said. I was taught at a young age that Cub fans should never be looked upon as trendsetters, unless that trend is “losing”.

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