Ozzie Would Have Caught that Sausage

homer_epic_failure.jpgThis season has been rough on quite a few teams already. However, that played itself out in a rather amusing fashion (for me at least) for two different teams in the last couple days.

We begin (as we often do when it comes to failure) in our nation’s capitol where the former Montreal Expos put on an exposition all their own the other evening. I could explain the premise of the story but I think this one quote just about sums it up: “…if there’s one thing we all can agree upon, it’s that exploding hot dog buns are high comedy indeed.” How can you top that? Well, maybe by spelling the name of your own team incorrectly on your jersey. But seriously guys, please keep it coming.

However, the farcical comedy stylings of the Washington Nationals pale in comparison to the tragi-comedy of the Chicago White Sox. Sure, they play in a mediocre division so they’re never really going to be out of it but they took a beating and a half yesterday afternoon. It all started when the Twins plated 20 runs to the Sox’ one and just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, the always eloquent Ozzie Guillen’s managed to jinx the impending Jake Peavy trade. Let me refresh your memory. Following the loss Guillen said, “I hope Peavy didn’t watch the scoreboard today. He might say no.”

Well Ozzie, you sure nailed that one. Maybe Peavy watched the scoreboard and maybe he didn’t but either way, he won’t be suiting up in Chicago pinstripes anytime soon.

So that’s where we stand as May slowly draws to a close. But don’t worry, the Nationals are still out there and it’s only a matter of time before they manage to outdo themseleves once again. My guess? Teddy Roosevelt gets decapitated in the President’s Race on Kid’s Day at the ballpark. Once again ladies and gentlemen, your 2009 Washington Nationals!


Thanks to SLK for the link to the Nats story.


  1. Jane Heller

    Good job by Ozzie and the jinx. LOL. But that deal had “never mind” written all over it. More to the point, why does the new ownership of the Padres want to trade their best pitcher? Are they conceding the season already?


  2. Erin Kathleen

    Ah, yes, slaughtering the White Sox and killing their chances of landing Jake Peavy in the process. Yesterday was indeed a very good day to be a Twins fan. Unlike every other day, when they strand a billion runners in scoring position and blow leads in the later innings.

  3. bvancleave@yahoo.com

    I didn’t expect Peavy to come to the South Side anyways. When Linebrink said it was 50/50, that was basically a no. Peavy doesn’t want to come come the AL. He said so during all the trade talks over the winter with the Cubs. Personally, I feel the Sox would have had to give up a lot to get Peavy, and the team isn’t guaranteed that Peavy would even pitch well in Comiskey besides being a silder/sinker ball pitcher. Peavy wouldn’t have been the savior for the dismal issues that are plaguing the Sox. We need more clutch hitting, better defense, and for the starts we do have record more quality starts. http://bradcws.mlblogs.com

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