Illogical Extremes

beer_league.jpgA couple years ago I started playing softball regularly. We played 7-inning slow pitch games once a week and there was always one thing I could count on. The next day I would be too sore to do much of anything. Now, I’m not as weak as that sounds but when you’re out there, you want to go 100% on every play and it takes a toll.

So I can’t even imagine how the UT-Austin and BC teams felt this past Sunday after playing 25 innings the previous day. That’s almost three full games with no rest. And if that wasn’t enough, one Texas pitcher went 12.1 innings. I’m not sure how his arm is still attached after that.

A performance like this once again calls into question the work ethic of a lot of big leaguers who regularly jog out infield grounders and lollygag around the outfield. I understand that it’s a long season but these unpaid kids are running out every play during an insanely long game while major leaguers making many times over the league minimum of $390k curse as they power walk down to first. I may not be the traditionalist that my friend Mr. Lung is but you learn on day one in Little League that you run out every hit and even I take that as gospel.

However, it’s also possible to take the idea of running everything out to a somewhat fanatical extreme. Don’t believe me? Check this out and you might change your mind.


-Video via The Daily Dish



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