The Filibuster

Since you guys are always putting politics in baseball, why didn’t you
try to get out the All-Star vote? Not one post about voting for your
favorite all-star?  I was shocked.

Macomb, IL


St_Louis_Gateway_Arch.jpgWell, Kellen, in what may have been the largest oversight since the creation of this blog, neither Jeff nor myself exploited this wonderful forum as a bully-pulpit for some sort of get-out-the-vote crusade. However, in typical politico fashion, I am going to refuse to admit to any sort of mistake and instead claim that this was all planned.

See Kellen, despite our obvious strong feelings toward our favorite teams and players, Jeff and I are also of the belief that the political process needs to proceed unfettered. And when I say unfettered, I mean that the same 18 guys should be voted onto the team every year because of their geographic location and attendant fan base. Is Derek Jeter the best shortstop in the AL? Uh, no. But he plays for the Yankees and that means he’s going to be representing the AL anyway.

Now, I could have gotten out there and exhorted you to vote for Adam Everett instead but would you have listened? No. You would have been more than happy to follow the crowd and vote your straight Red Sox, Yankees or Mets ticket. Or, in your case Kellen, probably a straight Cardinals ticket. Seriously, Rick Ankiel as an All-Star?

But we have more important questions and issues to face. Like what could possibly be going through Sarah Palin’s head? Or why have so many famous people died in the past 10 days? My best guess so far for both questions is Swine Flu.

Don’t get me wrong, Kellen. I appreciate your question and perhaps in the future one or the other of us (by which I obviously mean Jeff) will stoop to that level and cravenly demand your vote. But until that moment, RSBS will strive to remain above the fray because *cue patriotic music* America’s game demands American democracy.

And in that spirit Kellen, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get back to stuffing the virtual ballot box to make sure Brandon Inge makes it in to the game. Speaking of stuffing ballot boxes, any news on Mark Sanford?





    I think MLB should revamp the All-Star voting. Give the fans 50% of the power instead of 100%. It has turned into a complete popularity contest. I mean, the more popular players are usually the best but a lot of guys get left off. Some great players on bad teams get left off for solid players on great teams. It’s kind of annoying at this point. Actually, it’s really annoying.

  2. Jane Heller

    The All-Star game is an exhibition game that wants to mean something. Which is another way of saying that Jeter will be the s/s until he’s 50 years old and that Bud will keep saying, “This time it counts.” Such is life.

  3. Jonestein

    Yeah, the voting is fudged up bigtime. I like Pedroia a lot, but Kinsler deserved the 2B spot this year. Toss-up between Youk and Tex…would have rather seen Youk start at 1B (but I’m a little biased there since Boston is my #2 team). Jeter at SS is BS (though he seems like a decent guy…he’s always friendly to our guys here in Texas).
    Even though I like Wake and he has 10 wins, Kevin Millwood deserved to be on that AL squad, he’s been solid as hell and his W-L does not reflect how well he’s actually done (Rangers bullpen has screwed up multiple times and caused several no decisions that should have been in the W column…Joe Madden should have considered that. Again, bias on my part.).
    I hope San Francisco’s “Kung Fu Panda” gets that final spot on the NL squad…it’s fun listening to the Baseball Tonight guys go on about him. I may take tomorrow off and spend all day voting for Kinsler since he got robbed (actually, we just have lame, fair-weather fans here in Texas, so I blame them more than anything…at least Boston fans know how to get their guy in.)
    End of ramble.

  4. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    You are right, a lot of it is dictated by players’ locations and fan base. I guess in a lot of ways it can be unfair. I also agree with your decision to not campaigned for your players, I have tried to limit myself in that as well. Check out my blog anytime and keep up the good work!


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