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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for pujolsandlidge.jpgIt’s recently occurred to me that Albert [Pujols] is on pace to challenge Maris’
single season HR mark.  If he does this he becomes the first player NOT
implicated in steroids or other PED’s to do so.  Should baseball make a
bigger deal out of this?  I kind of doubt MLB would (it would look like
they were admitting Bonds and Sosa’s and McGwire’s big home run years
were illegitimate), but baseball fans should be rejoicing in what has
quietly become a potentially historic season.
Your thoughts?

Chicago, IL

As arrogant and scapegoating as MLB’s front offices are,  we would be much better off betting our 401k’s that Sarah Palin will become the next president than we would on MLB making any mention of this highly inconvenient fact.  But that does not mean we, the fans, and other knowledgeable folks can’t start stirring up some serious crap.

And who shall be our leader in this sanctimonious crusade?

bob costas.jpgBob Friggin’ Costas.

For those of you who tuned into the MLB Network on Thursday night to watch the Mets get blown out by the Dodgers, you already know what I’m talking about.  For the rest of you, let me fill you in…

Inspired by the overhyped drama of Manny’s first series in New York after his embarrassing steroid reveal, Bob Costas came out to his colleague Jim Kaat and declared that McGwire’s record, Bonds’ record and the rest of those monumentally tainted blips of prestige could be thrown out and dismissed entirely by any Joe Fan — any human being capable of understanding how marred the game had become during the ‘steroid era’ — and that according to such logical folks, Roger Maris’ 61 and Hank Aaron’s 755 still stood as the true records — the unclouded, inarguable, uncontested homerun records of Major League Baseball.

MLB won’t ever tell you anything like that.

Bob Costas will.

And did.

Is it fair to knock Major League Baseball for doing what is really the only logical thing they can do given the circumstances?  No.  Probably not. 

But fair is a relative concept — one no one (including me, I admit) had the balls to contest when guys like Ivan Rodriguez and Rafael Palmeiro and Paul Lo Duca were raking dingers like I chug Bud Light on the weekends.

Still, as a lowly MLBlogger, I adhere to my spawning necessity to stir up a bunch of crap for no good reason, hoping someone will actually take notice, even if I do contradict my own penned tirades from time to time.

But, Ted, let me tell ya, I’m rejoicing, man.  And in my world, Roger Maris is at the top (except for that one moment back in ’98 when McGwire took Steve Trachsel deep at Busch II) and Hank Aaron is tops too because I simply cannot stand Barry Bonds, his runaway forehead, or his smug crybaby I’m-the-victim routine.


I’m a US American!  It’s in my blood to flip-flop; it’s in yours too and you know it. 

So go ahead and hate me ‘cuz I’m a greasy s***talker, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




Something on your mind?  Want to see Jeff and Al sweat (separately, not together, eww)?  Think you got a real stumper?  Send us your Filibuster question(s) by commenting or emailing them to us at 

***Pictures of a scantily clad Courtney Cox circa 1998 also welcome.



  1. matttan7

    This performance-enhancing drugs fact is becoming boring, actually I am proud that Albert Pujols is hitting home runs big time and not being link to steroids at the same time. Barry Bonds using steroids has not been proven just yet so I’m not ready to place an asterisk (*) next to his records. If that’s the case that he used steroids, it is very shameful, but until I get official word, I refuse to believe that Barry Bonds cheated.

    I didn’t see the MLB network coverage of the Dodgers-Mets, because that was blacked out in my area, tuned in to SNY instead. Bob Costas’ statements of potential records being tainted by steroids, is scary, well hopefully the truth will come out of this eventually, and hope that those performances were not steroid induced.

    Matthew T.

  2. johnnyk42

    Threw the aging stories of Manny, and A rod. Quietly Albert is having his best year ever. The media, for some reason is not making a very big deal about this. Why Major league baseball is not embracing it I don’t know, but I am glad the fans are giving albert the respect he deserves. Nice post Jeff


  3. Erin Kathleen

    The problem is that, even with drug testing, we can’t really be certain that any current major-leaguers are clean. Anyone other than the lazy and stupid can get past the drug cops. So it isn’t fair to throw out records set by players like Barry Bonds (who has never actually been proven to use PEDs) but embrace those set by someone like Pujols as “real”, because maybe he just hasn’t been caught yet. It wasn’t all that long ago that A-Rod and Manny were being held up as shining examples of guys who did it the right way, after all.

  4. raysrenegade

    The streoid/PED argument is going to go on for a long time.
    I understand both sides of the issue but things can sometimes be blind to the further truth of the extent of the whole 103 names.
    We have seen a few come out, and already have a huge amount of curiosity over others who have been thrown under the microscope over the years.
    I love the fact that Costas has put his image and also is integrity on the line sometimes.
    But that is what a journalist does who want to stir the pot of conversation about an issue or event.
    Got to admit it here, I would love to have that kind of job where your opinions can be viewed with such force that even CEO’s cring.

    Simply magical!

    Rays Renegade

  5. redstatebluestate

    Matt — You mean we’re not guilty til proven innocent in US America? Whoa. News to me.
    Johnny — If Albert wore a Yanks, Red Sox or Dodgers jersey, he’d be the lead story every night. Believe that.
    Prince — Definitely don’t want that (*burp*) so I’ll put the beer down… til tomorrow.
    Erin — True story. But are you saying we should just give up ‘cuz everyone won’t get caught? Can we just pretend like it never happened too? Not really fair to Maris, Aaron, Mantle? And guys like David Eckstein, what about them, those who really have to work for their homeruns? I don’t like the idea of seeing Barry’s name in the books for the rest of time now because he “allegedly” cheated. Eh… I need a drink…
    Jenn — I agree. I was shocked myself to hear him say that.
    Julia — Me too. I like that guy a lot.

  6. redstatebluestate

    RR — I wish I could make everyone cringe, for no good reason. I’ve had some success, but only when people listen to me (which is not often).

  7. mattpeas

    i was just a young boy but I remember loving when NBC broadcasted MLB games. With Costas at the helm I was captivated for hours listening to his fluent voice cover the games. My favorite part of teh Olympics every 2 years is hearing his commentary.

  8. indianslove

    To Jeff- Yeah, totally! You should never give up on your team. Way to be a awesome fan! 🙂 Also, you know Mark Derosa? He was one of my favorite Indians, and when I was grounded and heard he was traded, I was so upset!
    So, take care of him and be good to him. He’s a great guy.

  9. redstatebluestate

    Eatsleep — Hope you’re right.
    Cal — Hope you’re wrong 😉
    Jonestein — I’d like to see him get 62, just to stir up more crap.
    Pittpea — I remember those NBC games too. I’m old. I remember CBS having the rights to playoffs too.
    Tribechick — Will do… as you see, DeRosa is on the DL, being nursed back to health.

  10. Erin Kathleen

    Jeff,I agree that it’s not fair to guys like Maris and Aaron to include Bonds’ records because, more than likely, he did cheat. I was referring to modern players. If we’re going to include records set by guys like Pujols, then we have to include Bonds’ too, because we really can’t be certain that anyone is clean, even in the era of drug testing. And no, we shouldn’t stop the testing. The tests might not catch everyone, but if baseball is willing to suspend someone like Manny Ramirez, it might make other ballplayers feel like the risk just isn’t worth it.

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