Expos Jersey = Instant Notoriety

All Star Weekend 7.13.2009 038.jpgI am not so full of myself that I believe everyone wanted
a piece of me during yesterday’s All-Star festivities; but wearing
throwback gear from a team long dead certainly gave me an edge.  As a
walking memory, representing Gary Carter, Andre Dawson and Delino
Deshields with porn ‘stache swagger, I was definitely drawing
attention.  Unfortunately, the security people holding me back at field
level, blocking my attempts at getting a word with Erin Andrews did not
find me as irresistible.

“I need to talk to Erin Andrews.” I told them with confidence.


“Because, it’s my destiny.”

“Get the hell outta here before I throw you the hell outta here.”

‘Nuff said.

well.  Had to keep my head up.  I was part of the Homerun Derby.  Busch
III was electric.  And despite all the partying, I was somehow still

The Derby?  Well, it was what I thought it’d be: very
exciting for the first half hour, then pretty boring after that. 
Several balls came close to us in our right field seats, but one guy —
the SAME GUY — caught two balls (one from Ryan Howard and one from Joe
Mauer) and after standing for the three hour event and being
shot down by Erin’s handlers before I even had a chance, I ended up
leaving Busch III ball-less… well, sorta.  Anyway, here are some pics
from Fanfest and the evening’s homerun contest.  Click on them for
closer view.

The ticket:

Thumbnail image for All Star Weekend 7.13.2009 001.jpg
Big Balls:

All Star Weekend 7.13.2009 005.jpg

All Star Weekend 7.13.2009 027.jpg
Three of the ten World Series trophies the Cardinals have brought home.  Read ’em and weep, sCrUBBIE fans:

All Star Weekend 7.13.2009 008.jpg
Me and Jackie’s duds:

All Star Weekend 7.13.2009 011.jpgMy best impression of an irate Cub:

Thumbnail image for All Star Weekend 7.13.2009 026.jpgThe ‘Lou:

All Star Weekend 7.13.2009 031.jpgSome random guy excited to see me… gee, I wonder why?

All Star Weekend 7.13.2009 043.jpgThe view from our seats:

All Star Weekend 7.13.2009 068.jpgConcentration or solace in my futile attempts at meeting Erin?

All Star Weekend 7.13.2009 053.jpgJ.W. and I… still sober?  What’s wrong with this picture!?!?!

All Star Weekend 7.13.2009 066.jpgOkay, y’all.  I’m gearing
up for the big game tonight, Molina jersey on my back, praying the that
the National League doesn’t embarrass me… again.  This would be as good
a time as any for us to win this thing (not that I really care) and I
have a feeling I’ll have a better shot at meeting President Obama than
I will Ms. Andrews.

She doesn’t know what she’s missing.

Hate me ‘cuz I’m here, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




  1. bburrows@lhup.edu

    How could those security guards not fall victim to the power of that stach? If you can just get Erin Andrews to look at that it’s a done deal, she’s yours. Not to make you jealous but she signed an auto for me when she came to the Little League World Series a few years ago. She is so much better in person than on TV.

  2. phi8008

    I do indeed hate you, not because you’re right or that you’re there, but because your wearing an Expos jersey. Haha, and I’m sure it was a blast being there, but the home run derby was AWFUL on tv last night. Chris Berman is a total hack, I’d be more interested in listening to the history of doorknobs than listen to him. If I heard “back back back” one more time I was going to bite my own ears off. Cool pics by the way, and here’s why the NL will win it: Phillies managers are 5-0 in the history of the all-star game.
    http://payoffpitch.mlblogs.com/ New post about why the home run derby stunk on ice.

  3. raysrenegade

    Actually Erin did not look att that great last night.
    She might be saving herself for tonight………..maybe you are a post-game snack?
    But in reality, the RF crew did not get as many balls as I originally thought you might gather last night.
    Pena went opposite field, and the green batter’s eye took a few hits off some shots last night to rob everyone of possible HR Derby balls.
    Buy a fully loaded plate of nachos. For some reason they seem to attract balls all the time in Tropicana Field. It might be the magnetic forces within the Jalapeno peppers…

    Rays Renegade


  4. Erin Kathleen

    I told you, you should dress up like Tim Tebow! I mean, regular women love a guy with a porn ‘stache in an Expos jersey, but Miss Andrews loves herself some Tebow. Or maybe you should just do the Gator Chomp.-Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.mlblogs.com

  5. popejonash

    Yeah, another disappointing year for the Mets and the NL at the All Star Game. Not that we’re making the playoffs. My best memory of the festivities was Pujols failing to win a big fat guy a Chevy. Ashhttp://ashleymarshall.mlblogs.com

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