The Filibuster

joe_biden.jpgYou guys are kind of crazy, so let me ask you, does it make any sense
when Biden says we “have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt”
as a nation? I figured you might understand that more than me since you
seem to have that politician air about you. I mean, Allen lost a bet to
Jeff like three or four weeks ago and still hasn’t paid up like he
promised.  Read my lips…

Wentzville, MO


Not to go about this backwards but I need to address an important issue. Yes, it’s true that I have not yet written about my, uh, “love and respect” for the Cardinals nor have I posted the promised photo of myself wearing Cardinals paraphernalia. But, to be fair, I am dealing with some extenuating circumstances and the problem should be resolved in the next couple of weeks. Next couple of weeks, I promise. Read my lips.

As for Biden, well, he never really has been known for the ability to bite his tongue. I mean, you do remember what ended his presidential run, right? A little fuzzy on it? Maybe this will help:

Yeah, “clean” and “articulate.” So, when Biden makes a statement like this one, well, you kind of have to take it with a grain of salt.

But when I say a grain, I mean no more than that. The fact is, despite Biden’s hyperactive jaw muscles and his unique ability to completely mangle a message, there’s some truth in what he says.

During the Great Depression, government spending was what eventually led to us working our way back to productivity and higher employment. I’m not saying that we’re in quite the same fiscal predicament as 1929 but with unemployment heading to double digit figures nationally, something has to be done. As my grandma likes to say, “Idle hands are the devil’s playground,” and there are no hands that are more idle than a bunch of twenty-something, straight out of college, over educated and underemployed vagabonds. Or twenty-something, never been to college, undereducated and no longer employed vagabonds for that matter.

Biden does not have the same golden throat as the president and no one is ever going to accuse him of being smooth. But, despite those seeming faults, he does have one thing going for him and I’m pretty sure it’s the reason Obama chose him as vice-president. Biden says the stuff the rest of us think but will never say out loud. We may not like to hear it and it may not always sound right but someone eventually has to point out the truth about the emperor’s new clothes.

So, think about it this way, George. When you go out to your job tomorrow morning working on that new interstate spur near Kansas CIty, why do you think it is that your job exists? Who’s paying for that spur to be built? Looks like that spending is also keeping more than just the nation from going bankrupt.




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