Hey, Mat Latos, Meet an Equally Arrogant Self-Serving  Professional!

Thumbnail image for mat latos.jpgThe truth is: I was going to leave this one in the proverbial scrap pile of unprocessed information otherwise known as my oft useless brain, but after reading this touching letter to Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitski, I decided this might have a place.

I mean, I already infuriated Barry Zito (or at least his handlers) earlier this year by writing the truth: that during his Giants tenure, he hasn’t performed as well as that lofty contract might suggest.  Before I knew it he was blocking me from his Twitter account and I was wallowing in the kind of sorrow that only comes from not knowing what band Barry Zito thinks “rocks” or what type of scarf he’s going to wear to the polo club to impress his famously hot girlfriends.

Whoo wee!

So I certainly hope that when I call out Padres pitching prospect, Mat Latos, for acting like a bratty child during pre-game activities at this year’s Futures Game, that he doesn’t block me from watching his so-called Tim Lincecum-like delivery on MLB.TV. 

Oh wait.  Why would I ever want to watch a Padres game?  Nevermind.

Still, much like the young fireballer Latos, I too am trying to become established, to make a name for myself, to be noticed.  And the truth is, Mat, you and I, we can be a team.  Maybe…

First you will have to brush up on your people skills.  For example, when little kids ask you to toss a batting practice ball up to them in the stands, I wouldn’t fake-throw it (like one tends to do with his dog because watching a dog chase nothing is funny) then laugh with your buddies at how clever you are.  And I also wouldn’t spend most of that shagging time trying to launch errant balls high up into the upper decks (and fail miserably) because those balls were falling down onto we little people at high speeds and someone could have gotten hurt. 

See, the thing is, Mat, I know you’re young and all that talent has probably gotten to you; still, remember that you’re living a dream — that you have been gifted with the ability to play a game… for a living — and that your personality on and off the field will have a whole lot to do with how we plebeian fans perceive you.  Don’t care how the fans perceive you?  See Barry Bonds for more information on how it can go horribly wrong.

crying kids.jpgLucky for you, Mat, I’m a pretty understanding guy.  And I can be a snot-nose sometimes too.  I won’t fault you for that… but remember who you are aiming your snot-nosedness at, Mat.  The kids.  Remember the kids. 

Those kids — kids who look up to you even though they have no idea who you are, ‘cuz let’s face it, right now you’re a nobody just like Lastings Milledge is a nobody — those kids, when you mess with them, they don’t take it so well.

Remember that and you will be good to go.  I almost guarantee it.  Okay, I sorta guarantee it.

Good luck, Mat!  Hope to see you around the ballpark and maybe — if you feel lucky — you might even consider attacking my character… when you get a break from being the next Tim Lincecum that is…

Hate me ‘cuz I call ’em out, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



(“Crying Kids” image courtesy of The B.S. Report)



  1. Jonestein

    That’s an odd picture of Latos…he looks ninety years old in the face and his arm looks like the skinny, flailing arm of one of those giant blow-up funnel creatures at an auto dealership.
    Did he really fake a throw to the fans? Jeez.

  2. redstatebluestate

    Julia — Great point. Didn’t think of it that way (I’ve no kids) but it’s very true.
    Jonestein — Yep. He did. Multiple times. He thought he was soooooo funny too. Whatevs.

  3. redstatebluestate

    TC — Profield, eh? Sounds better than the oxymoron which is progressive. Nothing progressive about the ’09 edition of the Indians (sorry. it’s true?)

  4. crazy19canuck

    Kids remember people who are mean to them. It’s like a photographic memory that they won’t erase. Do something stupid to them now, they’ll have their hate on you forever.
    And you still have to deal with ticked off parents.

  5. Jane Heller

    Why can’t ballplayers realize that even the slightest bit of attention makes an indelible impression on a kid – for life! I’m just glad Mickey Mantle wasn’t mean to me as a kid or I’d have to hate him – and that would be soooo horrible.


  6. redstatebluestate

    Ginny — True. Todd Worrell was one of my favorite players because he was so nice to me when I was a kid that first time I met him.
    Jane — The Mick didn’t have a mean cell in him. That (and well, because he was a phenomenal ballplayer) is why he is, THE MICK.

  7. Kylie

    Just to second what everyone else has said: kids remember. Shoot, all fans remember. I’m talking to you, Joey Votto–no matter how good you get, I will remember your loud cursing during BP in front of all of us. We heard you!
    What a jerk Mat Latos seems to be. And he’s only a prospect! Imagine how bad it will get when he makes it to the majors. I hope you suck!
    Thanks for the shout-out. I really appreciate it 😀
    ♥ Kylie — http://kylie.mlblogs.com

  8. redstatebluestate

    Kylie — Well, I’m not gonna call him a ‘jerk’ after one occurrence because after all, the kid is young (was called up late last week to the big leagues) but I do consider this a warning on behalf of the fans. Your points were very valid in your letter, which inspired me to bring this up. It DOES matter how one behaves in the spotlight. It really does. Maybe Mat can learn something.

  9. PAUL

    The Padres have teams on their schedule that can mash like the Brewers, Braves and Marlins. My guess is Chipper Jones, Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder will introduce him to the big leagues pretty quickly. And watching the Padres is like rubbernecking a car crash; you can’t bear to look OR to look away. The Royals are almost at that point too. And so are the Mets for that matter.

  10. redstatebluestate

    Prince — Don’t forget Albert in that equation. And yeah, I feel ya on the Padres tip.

  11. xcicix

    Lastings Milledge could have been a rap star. The Mets just didn’t let him release the album…you can’t find his music anywhere. Though perhaps I can’t really call him a musician because I’ve never heard his stuff, and it could be total crap.
    After all, if he raps about as well as he played baseball for the Nats…
    But Milledge was somewhat entertaining for a while. Some of the Mets fans liked him.

  12. ohy22xd

    I’m not so sure if Mat Latos belongs in the Majors this early. He’s the guy who goes five innings per game so it was no surprise to see him go only four on Sunday. And got the loss since the Padres couldn’t score bunch of runs.

  13. redstatebluestate

    IBDB — I’d pay a good $5 for that CD if you can get a hold of one.
    Julia — I’m crying as I type… WTF!?!?!
    Ginnny — Yeah, right down the drain.
    Hyunyoung — He was on a pitch count. Tom Seaver wasn’t ever on a pitch count. What is wrong with today’s pitching? Oh yeah. Money.
    V — What? Did Ichiro do that? Bad bad boy.
    Lisa — Thanks. I love me some applause.

  14. flairforthedramatic

    Yes he did.. He dropped a pop up at Yankee Stadium and the fans let him have it the next time one that was headed his way.. so after catching it to end the inning Ich fake tossed to the stands and kept the ball in his glove instead and jogged back to the dugout. Like I said.. bush league.
    – V [ http://flairforthedramatic.mlblogs.com ]

  15. redstatebluestate

    V — Wow, how’d I miss that? And I thought Ichiro was classy. Hey, I’ll trade you Latos’ childishness and Ichiro’s bush league for A-Rod’s “Ha!” or “I got it!”. Deal?
    Steve — Signs point to Fields over Cobb. Cobb at least made it to the Hall of Fame.

  16. redstatebluestate

    Cal — I appreciate the comment. Please remember, the MLBlogosphere is about sharing the love of the game by blogging and developing relationships, not just posting comments like “hey check me out”. I’d be happy to drop by your blog, as I have many times, but remember this is a symbiotic relationship we all have and actually engaging in the conversation at hand will take you much further than just plugging your own stuff. You’ll figure it out.
    Roundrock — Ryan Leaf… somehow I had erased him from my memory. Now I remember why. Tough to be a SD sports fan, eh? Remember Gary Templeton? He wasn’t brought up there, but he had an attitude problem too, which is why he was dealt for… wait for it… wait for it… HOFer Ozzie Smith.

  17. popejonash

    I don’t hate you cuz you’re right, I hate you cuz you’re funnier than I could ever be. But that’s ok too, because I tried to be funny once and I ended up switching my parents’ cable provider.But what’s with the shot at Lastings? Give the little people a break from time to time. Ashhttp://ashleymarshall.mlblogs.com

  18. redstatebluestate

    TC — I am what I am… a snarky, sarcastic know it all. I wish them the best, really. Hard to be as bad as they are this year 😉

  19. redstatebluestate

    Ash — I love that you consider Lastings one of the “little people”. See, you CAN be funny!!! Keep it up and you’ll be just fine!

  20. stonebutch99

    Hey, I feel your pain….in a way. Richard Justice of chron.com blocked me from following him on Twitter, and honestly I didn’t say anything to justify it. I follow all the Houston sports personalities so that was weird.


  21. redstatebluestate

    Cal — No biggie. You’re cool, man.
    Austin — His loss, right? That’s how we gotta look at it… then ruin his name of course.

  22. devilabrit

    Crazy thing is when they do stuff like that, they never know who the kids are or who they are related too… That sort of thing can end a career as quick as it began…. and I gotta watch the damn Padres tonight… now wouldn’t you just like to throw a ball at them as they dissapear into the dug out… or maybe one of the kids uncles or some relative will be the first one he dings with a pitch in a game and he gets it back….. so many ways to see the… what goes around comes around scenario
    Outside the Phillies looking In

  23. jeremy@lakeplaceproductions.com

    Check out the new app coming to the ITunes store, BEAT THE COOLER, http://www.beatthecooler.com. The pros take out their aggression on the cooler in the dugout and now you, the fan, can do the very same thing. It’s out in 7-10 days. Watch the promo video at

    Perhaps Latos would act a little nicer and be more appreciate of his situation in life if he BEAT THE COOLER.

  24. redstatebluestate

    Austin — On it is… YIKES! I feel ya. It’s tough takin’ out someone’s legs these days.
    Devilabrit — Such guys usually either turn it around quick or they simply don’t last too long (unless they have a huge, PED-fed forehead).
    Jeremy — Sweet. I’ll check it out. Mos def.

  25. indianslove

    Yeah, your right. Especially with the win today, which meant we are now in 4th place instead of 5th! I am so glad about that, haha. I cant wait to blog about it tommorow, which I have to do because I wont have time to blog much anymore today. http://tribechick.mlblogs.com/ -TC

  26. nook55@yahoo.com

    well to clear the air to all of you ignorant baseball fans…… i never fake throw a ball to kids… its always to the people who ruin it for the kids! thats right im talking about you loser bloggers who have no business talking about anything with baseball.. you people who probably didnt even make the jv team in high school! also it would be the guys who were there with thousands of cards and balls wanting to get a quick buc off of people! its pathetic.. you ruin it for the kids everytime you run over to get a card or photo signed… if any of you idiot bloggers had any free time away from ur basements and computers n had your own lives and got out of everyone elses ***** you would know im always the guy out in the dugout early signing for (THE KIDS) until the idiots arrive with their cards and photos wanting a quick buc from players….. so no jeff.. you dont tell the truth… you tell of the ******** you observe and then you are quick to judge someone because they are a public figure and you are just a blogger in your parents basement…. if you have anything further to say about me… fell free to wait until we are in st. louis and we can chat face to face! so if you want the real me and not the ******** you make me to be youll grow a pair!!


  27. Queen Sheets

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