Wooing the Wacky

bill clinton kim jong il.jpgIn baseball, the very best players fail seven times out of ten.  With defeat as the understood underwriter of the game, we as fans tend to not flip every time a batter makes himself an out.  Instead, we get over it, move on, and wait for the next opportunity.

The tentacled world of international diplomacy, however, does not feature such a luxurious background.  So when it was announced that former president Bill Clinton was to head the rescue mission of two American journalists imprisoned in the mysteriously wacky, pro-proletariat North Korea, I breathed an ecstatic sigh of relief.

Because if anyone can woo the pants off a frail, old, tyrant dictator who fancies Don King hair and Elvis sunglasses, Bill Clinton certainly can.

And like Albert Pujols at the dish with 2 outs, bases loaded and the entire game, season, legacy on the line, Slick Willy delivered.


Of course, while he was there, he did do Al and I a favor by getting Kim’s personal thoughts on Red State Blue State, which Kim supposedly reveres despite his having to ban it in North Korea due to its “flamboyant content” and “excessive skin service“:

kim jong il.jpgHard to hate a guy who knows what the hell he’s talkin’ about when it comes to baseball.  Am I right?

Yep.  Just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.  That’s all I ask.



(*Images courtesy of the Associated Press)



  1. raysrenegade

    You know,
    All Bill did was tell the North Korean government that next time he will bring Hillary and she will be pissed.
    That would make me want to give up a few journalists instead of piss off a woman who lost out on the Presidency.
    Tell me she doesn’t have some pent-up anger issues inside her.
    Only people who do not like RSBS are still stuck in Cuba calling for a FS (Fidel State), but that has been vetoed for a long time.

    Rays Renegade


  2. devilabrit

    You know the only reason they were imprisoned in the first place was cause they were reading RSBS on a laptop in public while wearing a Cardinals ball cap. Unlike Al’s it had a real logo on it…only one tyrant could get another tyrant to let someone go after that crime…:-)

  3. luckylori

    Who’s next on the list? Ahmadinejad? (Okay, I just spelled that right without google. Scary.) When will you be releasing your new video, “Allah Hates The Cubs”? RSBS…converting the world into Cub-haters, one dictator at a time.

  4. redstatebluestate

    Johnny — Great! Keep comin’ back!
    RR — Somehow I don’t think your theory is too far off.
    Peter — A laptop, RSBS AND a Cardinals cap all = enemies of the proletariat state… freeing minds to think on their own. LOL.
    Jenn — It’s true. Didn’t you ever see the South Park guys’ rendition of Kim? Hilarious. Check it out.
    Emma — Just like during Manny night Manny rode the bench? Haha.
    Lori — Allah, Buddha, et al … every deity hates the Cubs. (Ahmadinejad loves them though)
    Steve — I wouldn’t mind. Thought we might be getting a taste w/ Obama… jury is still out.
    Julia — Yeah, and the Yankees beat the Red Sox. You’re right. Miracles DO happen 😉

  5. redstatebluestate

    Michael — Thanks for stopping by. Will check ya out.
    Jane — Me? Nobel Prize? Sure. Allen? No chance. LOL.

  6. redstatebluestate

    TC — Thanks for the compliments… Prez. Clinton just took good notation. We are not responsible for the broken English 😉

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