That Thing No One Cares About

mark prior.jpgYep.  You guessed it.  I am talking about none other than Mark Prior.

Remember him?  He was the player touted as having the most perfect pitching mechanics ever, the guy who was going to break every pitching record ever, the man who would redefine pitching forever!

Yeah.  Not so much.

And now, after not making a Major League appearance since August 10, 2006, the San Diego Padres have officially relieved him of his services (or general lack thereof).

Dear readers, when the Padres organization doesn’t have any faith in your abilities, then let’s face it: you do not have any abilities.

Blame Dusty Baker.  Blame the Cubs curse.  Blame global warming.

He just didn’t have it.

To illustrate, please enjoy this visual representation of Mark Prior’s Major League career:

Are you paying attention, Stephen Strasburg?

Hate me ‘cuz I bring it, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.

Happy Friday!





  1. redstatebluestate

    And that ain’t a good thing, Johnny/Joey. I think everyone on the planet can agree to that!

  2. raysrenegade

    I was hoping a few years ago the Rays might have traded for Prior, but guess I am glad that never happened now.
    But you got to admit when the guy was on….he was on.
    But I am expecting a few of the older big names to glide into the sunset maybe this off season.
    You have to think current Red Sox starter John Smoltz might be chatting and texting with Greg Maddox to set up golfing dates after the season.
    Guess some of the icons of our generation will be saying goodbye soon.
    Damn, and I finally got used to seeing Junior in a Seattle jersey again!

    Rays Renegade

  3. redstatebluestate

    RR — I feel ya. Long overdue for Smoltz in my opinion. I wish him the best and hope he goes into HOF w/ Maddux and Glavine. That’ll be a show!

  4. devilabrit

    Now he could possibly apply for a job at the Phillies they seem to have an liking of Favre type pitchers, you know done but wanna come back and they pay $1mill plus just in case they may some time get you off the DL, the only thing is you’d have to be able to get along with Pedro Martinez…. that would be harder for Prior than having to pitch again…
    I think that woman lives in the next street, sure i see her draggin her kids to school everyday…LOL

  5. redstatebluestate

    Julia — Reality is not in Boras’ vocabulary.
    Lisa — One never knows. It could all be gone in the blink of an eye.
    Peter — I know. I strongly disagree with the Pedro over Happ thing. STRONGLY.
    NatMeg — They should sign him; Boras is just making it difficult. They haven’t even begun talks yet. I don’t think Strasburg has even visited DC yet!?!?!
    TOTL — Consider me in mourning.
    Peter — Very devil like of you to not remember… how convenient.
    Michael — Sweet. I played intramural softball at K-College. Does that count for anything?

  6. Erin Kathleen

    Ah, yes, Mark Prior. One of the greatest punchlines in Twins territory. It’s a long story, but basically a lot of um, less smarter people were angry that the Twins drafted Mauer instead of Prior. Even to this day! I’m actually kind of sad to see Prior go, I got a lot of mileage out of those jokes.

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