The Filibuster

man in pain.jpgWhat is it and how is it cured?

Montgomery, TX


Wow.  And somehow I thought I was the only one who spoke in cryptic non sequiturs.  Since that is obviously not the case, let me go ahead and assume that the “it” in this curious question must be that big Prince Fielder-like elephant in the room — that thing that I have avoided all season long, that embarrassing premonition that makes me, well, makes me look like a fool…

Because it is no lie that before the 2009 season even started, I had written off the Cardinals’ chances of competing all together.  Due to the stagnant off season — an off season where General Manager John Mozeliak did very little except to add a few journeymen relievers and a .220 hitting Jeff Spicoli lookalike shortstopI was sure that the Redbirds were destined for the bottom of the NL Central.

Oh how I overlooked the perennial abomination that is the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Still, after watching the St. Louis bullpen blow nearly 30 late inning leads in 2008, how was I to expect that they would somehow find a way to be this good this quickly?  I am simply a man of reason and reason said to make other plans for October.  And now, as we sit atop the NL Central at 61-51, clearly the front-runners in the division despite the Cubs’ second half surge, I think it is time for me to do something that is rarely ever necessary:

I must admit that maybe… just maybe… I was wrong.

Indeed, Mike in Montgomery, TX, “it” is my disdainful pessimism for my favorite baseball team and it can only be cured by them performing well — from here til the end.

meatonahook_1.jpgThen again, “it” might just be pork; and in that case you just rub some salt on it and let it sit for a while.

Don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



(*Man in pain image courtesy of All About Alcoholism — don’t ask)


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***Pictures of a sober Sidney Ponson also welcome but we’re pretty sure those don’t exist.



  1. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Not many people would have predicted the Cardinals’ sucess so far, so nothing to be ashamed of, and you might not have been wrong anyway! 😉


  2. redstatebluestate

    Julia — Haha. You mean Jackie or Mo? I’m confused.
    Johnny — Indeed. I’ll take that any day.

  3. devilabrit

    Ask yourself this, what percentage of World Series are played in the same park as the All Star Game and that home team being the World Series Champions, now you’ve figured that out, the chances are you were right all along, plenty of season left, never doubt yourself till the fat lady sings, or in this case the elephant.
    Otside the Phillies Looking In

  4. Erin Kathleen

    So, does this mean that, for once, we can’t hate you for being right? Does this mean we have to love you for being wrong? Either way, it looks like there might be a rematch of the 2006 WS. What would you make Allen do when the Tigers lose again?

  5. redstatebluestate

    Peter — My point is, I picked them to be division bottom dwellers and they clearly ain’t. You won’t find me jinxing them, putting them in the final two. I can be stupid, but not THAT stupid. Haha.
    Dillon — That’s the goal; that’s the hope; that’s the dream.
    Jane — An odd thought, isn’t it, Jane? Haha. As the media, I find it my duty to always be right 😉
    Erin — Yes. I guess that’s one way of putting it 😉 Long way to go before we predict an ’06 rematch, but I can honestly say that Allen would have to lose an appendage or two.

  6. Jonestein

    I don’t know what to think of your Cards, Jeff. They are playing an awful lot like my Rangers this season (apologies), they look stellar, they look cellar, stellar, cellar, loves me, loves-me-not, loves me….

  7. redstatebluestate

    IBDB — Not sure what Tiger Beat Zombieverse means but somethin’ tells me it’s pretty accurate in describing that picture 😉
    Jonestein — I feel ya, man. At least our poster boy isn’t out frolicking with hot chicks and doing body shots during the offseason (that we know about 😉
    Jenn — Yeah, I saw that. Carpenter was getting a bit perturbed too. I couldn’t help but wonder if Albert knew the guy or not. He was a Cardinals fan and Albert was all over the situation.

  8. redstatebluestate

    TC — All you’ll need is to see him beat your Indians a couple times in a Twins jersey and then maybe you’ll change your mind. LOL.

  9. indianslove

    Well, actually, he had a record of 2-0 against the Tribe coming in. So, he has done good against us this year. Therefore, I think we can rack it up to good hitting. After all, he only gave up 4 of those 8 runs the Tribe got, if I remember correctly. The Tribe has hot bats right now, but of course I know you wont admit it. :}

  10. redstatebluestate

    Ah, man… Kevin Jonas. Wow. And somehow I thought it had something to do with the Detroit Tigers. I am old. Jeesh.

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