Shane Victorino Joins Jesus in Hating the Cubs

victorino beer.jpgAnd why wouldn’t he?

Picture it:

It’s the bottom of the fifth inning.  The Cubs are getting killed by the Phillies.  The bases are loaded and a high pop fly is hit to center field where Shane Victorino gets in position, sets himself to catch the ball and — SPLASH! — some idiot Cub fan in the bleachers tosses a beer down on the Flyin’ Hawaiian’s head.

What in the sam hell is goin’ on here?  Is it Do Something Stupid a la Glenn Beck night again at Wrigley?

Nope.  Just another day at the ironically coined “Friendly” Confines.

Victorino catches the ball anyway and tosses it back into the infield… but he is obviously rattled by the bush league shenanigans synonymous with the Cub faithful.

Dear readers, this ain’t no joke.  This really happened.  And it happened last night.

Yeah, yeah, a couple of not-so-intimidating ushers rushed down and apparently forced someone to leave… but was it the actual culprit whom they shooed away?  Replays make me wonder.  And was anything done to curb this type of innate dereliction?  Why, of course not!  This is what you get when you go to Wrigley Field: complete asinine behavior!

Look, I have done more than a lifetime’s worth of Cub-bashing on this site.  I know this.  And I don’t particularly like doing it.  I like to believe that I am fair in my critique because look, I get it: Not all Cub fans are delinquents (just the majority) and I even I get tired of saying the same things over and over again…

But somehow, some way, some day, I like to think this idiocy will eventually come to an end.

Though until we reach that day that will never come, Shane Victorino, no one will blame you for joining Jesus in his 100+ year plight:

There is a reason why Jesus hates the Cubs.

And pouring beer on an All-Star centerfielder while the ball is in play barely scratches the surface.

Hate me ‘cuz I’m relentless, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



(*Image courtesy of Getty Images via Yahoo)



  1. Erin Kathleen

    What is it with Cub fans? Is it the 100+ years of futility that makes them behave like neanderthals? Geez, this even makes Packer fans look classy. Twins fans would never throw beer on an opposing player. Hats yes, but not beer. We threw hot dogs once, but that was at Chuck Knoblauch (and he deserved it).

  2. redstatebluestate

    Erin — Knoblauch! Ha! Remember when his arm just stopped working? I blame the ‘roids. And yeah, Cub fans make Packer fans look classy and THAT is SCARY!
    FBC — Wouldn’t you be? I woulda ran up there and decked the guy. Believe dat!

  3. devilabrit

    Jeff – the wrong fan did get thrown out… checkout my pics to see the guy… plus he ended up getting a bunch of them thrown out…..and why would you waste perfectly good BEER, or maybe it’s not good beer at wrigley…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  4. matttan7

    Throwing a beer on the playing field, at Shane Victorino, that’s vicious. Good thing the fence is higher and Shane didn’t go up on the stands. Speaking of which, it did remind me of that Pacers-Pistons Brawl during an NBA game at the Palace of Auburn Hills when a Pistons fan throws a cup of beer at-then Pacer Ron Artest. Artest runs and punches fans and the melee escalated.

    Getting back to last night, maybe the wrong fan was taken out of the game, but you’re right, the Cubs fans can be very roudy at times. Hopefully when the Cubs win the World Series and break this drought, they won’t behave that badly, just like the White Sox and Red Sox fans

    Matthew Tang

  5. redstatebluestate

    Julia — I’m not surprised. Nothing about the Cubs franchise screams efficiency.
    Peter — Nope. It’s all Old Style, Bud Light or Miller Lite. That’s it. Will check your pics soon.
    Matthew — Cubs win the world series? Are you mad, man? Worse, more despicable words have never been said.
    Jane — Hehe. I dig that image as well.

  6. utleyeveryday

    LOL! I’ve read a bunch of blogs and articles about the Victorino beer bath, as he’s my favorite player, and this is by far the funniest one. Jesus hating the cubs….that’s great. Some rappers might be cool enough to “make it rain”, but only Victorino can “make it rain beer!”


  7. redstatebluestate

    Adam — If he can make it rain beer on cue then I need to hire him for my next house party. Believe dat!

  8. redstatebluestate

    TribeTed — You’re right. You are just infested with Lake Eerie midges and poor pitching. Hehehe. I kid because I care.

  9. TribeTed

    Thanks for the comment Jeff, and Cleveland is home of the wild. Like Wild thing Rick Vaughn. The Seagulls, midges, bugs, and everything else that scampered onto Progressive Field. The Tribe must use the Wild thing in them to win! 🙂

  10. redstatebluestate

    Ted — The best thing the Indians could do right now is call up Charlie Sheen and get him some innings.

  11. southernbelle

    Seriously. That was a waste of perfectly good alcohol. Or maybe it wasn’t good and the guy wanted to dump it (jk) There is no excuse for stupid behavior like that. -Virginia
    PS: I happen to like Glenn Beck. He is hilarious. And I only watch FOX news, cuz they are the only ones that tell is straight!

  12. phillies_phollowers

    Have to agree…did you see the nasty note some idiot Cubs fan left on my blog? He did nothing to help his cause there – claiming after a ONE game experience in Philly that he thinks all Philly fans are rude and horrible. I did mention back to him that perhaps, being the obvious moron he is, he provoked the behavior. Add that to the beer incident, and he really did wreck my image of Cubs fans.


  13. redstatebluestate

    Virginia — Uh oh. Dem’s fightin’ words! Lol.
    Jenn — Now you know what I’ve been dealing with my whole life. Blows, eh?

  14. redsoxmelissa

    I watched the video of Shane getting the beer dumped on him and towards the end they show the guy who dumped the beer. He looked at the security guards as if he had done nothing wrong.

    The poor CF, I feel bad for him. What a stupid fan, too.


  15. redstatebluestate

    Melissa — You’d be better off watching the video featured in this post. Believe that. Keep comin’ back!

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