Where’s the Fire?

obama joker.jpgThe beautiful thing about the politics of today and yesterday is that one thing remains the same. No matter whether you’re wrong or right, all you have to do is make some sort of ad hominem attack and it will get you air time.

This has become increasingly true during the normally boring Washington summers when the news channels are just itching for something to break the tedium of the recess. And this year has provided plenty of sparks. Dick Cheney has made himself more accessible than he was during the eight years of Bush’s presidency, emerging on a regular basis to proclaim that Obama is making the country less safe. And everyone seems to be lining up to take a whack at the universal health care plan although it’s interesting to note how many of those people already have insurance.

But I also realized something. Baseball is seriously lacking these same types of attacks. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before but at this time of the year, when all the races are heating up, where’s the fire? Why aren’t the Giants and Rockies cracking on each others’ mothers? Why aren’t the Rangers poking fun at Pedroia’s size? And why aren’t the Tigers and Twins provoking Ozzie Guillen into even crazier rants?

C’mon people. This is baseball. America’s pastime. And you know what else America is home to? The yo’ mama joke. See the connection? Ok, let’s get on it. I’ll start. Albert Pujols’ mama is so dumb, she thinks a shortstop is when she runs into 7/11 for a hotdog and a Slurpee.




  1. TribeTed


    gotta hand it to you bud.

    As much as i give Jeff the upper hand;

    you truly deserve a pat on the back.

    That yo mama joke was priceless.

    Great timing – and great post.

    I admire your sense of humor:

    and Jeff – make a yo mama joke about Miguel Cabrera next post.

    After that; I will decide who has the upper hand. 😉



  2. devilabrit

    There’s me thinking that was a blonde joke…:-) okay we’ll attempt to make someone smile and someone hate me…
    Derek Jeter’s mama is so dumb she thinks Pinch-Hitter is a type of foreplay…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  3. thewayicit

    Very good musings, ive wondered where that element in baseball has gone, there are still brawls but as far as actual joking the last i saw was a tigers v rangers game when eddie guardado told the tiger dugout to zip their mouths, and senior citizen jim leyland proceeded to call him a very audible and noticeble “fat ****”

  4. Jane Heller

    A.J. Burnett yelled “Mother &*%^$&())_%^” while the Orioles’ Felix Pie rounded the bases after a homer. The Orioles dugout thought A.J. was saying it to Pie when he was actually cursing himself. Does that count? I didn’t think so.


  5. Jonestein

    Allen – Yo mama raised a Big Government-loving, plunder-the-taxpayers Democrat. Oh, wait, that’s more of an observation than anything.

    Take Two: Allen – Yo mama is a closet-case Rangers fan. No, still fixated on insulting you via yo mama.

    Take Three: Allen – Curtis Granderson’s mama is a closet-case Cubs fan and thinks GW Bush is suave and articulate.

    Ok, that’s the best I can do.

  6. Buz

    I guess you could count the Marlins bruha as a little fire. Sure it was between teammates.. but it shows a spark. And look what it did for Hanley when he came in to PINCH HIT. There’s a little somethin.. somethin beginning in September. Maybe it’ll take a few more weeks to really stoke the embers into a blaze.

    Buz – http://buzblog.mlblogs.com/

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