Civility is Dead, Long Live Civility!

kanye_vma.jpgMuch has been made in the last few days about the death of civility in America. Serena’s tirade at the US Open only slightly overshadowed Representative Joe Wilson’s yell during President Obama’s health care speech. And of course, both of those events ended up being being blown away by Kanye West’s impromptu hijacking of the VMAs.

But I don’t think all of this is bad.

It’s good to see Serena fired up. God knows none of the other Americans in the main draw at the US Open came close to her fire with the possible exception of a seventeen year old. And when you’re used to stars making the same inane comments, it’s nice to see that there’s still room for the insane. As for Wilson, although it might have been nice for him to express his views in a slightly more constructive way and perhaps in a more appropriate forum, he expressed how strongly Americans feel about the issue of health care.

I’d love to see the Tigers this fired up about their season. They may be in the driver’s seat in the AL Central but they sure don’t look like they’re in control. The only reason they’re in first is because the other teams in the division are giving it away.

However, I’m hoping the Tigers can take heart in the exploits of the University of Michigan football team. I don’t think anyone expected much but they went out this past weekend and won one of the two games that count this season. Civility may be dead but so are the hopes and dreams of thousands of Fighting Irish fans and that’s good enough for me.



  1. Jonestein

    Wilson’s yell was not only inappropriate, but horribly inaccurate. I don’t believe for a second that President Obama is lying, I think he wholeheartedly believes the feel-good, interventionist garbage he’s spewing. Of course, “You lie” is a lot easier to blurt out than “You ignore the inevitable unintended consequences of a government-run healthcare system AND you just admitted it won’t work based on your assesment of the failings of Medicare/Medicaid and the VA system, each of which, coincidentally, are also ineptly run by the government!”

    Serena needs to chill.

    Kanye is a self-absorbed, rude fking idiot. (I love Katy Perry’s comment: “It’s like he just stepped on a kitten!”)


  2. TribeTed

    The whole Kanye thing was horrible.

    Taylor Swift did deserve it,

    even though Beyonce had “the best vid of all time!”

    He shouldn’t of done that,

    and I hope that people stop buying his albums.

    and as for Serena,

    chill out sister. Just cause you are losing,

    doesn’t mean you need to “threaten to kill someone.”

    Whew, who would’ve known.

    Go Indians,… um I think.

    Ted’s Take

  3. devilabrit

    //It’s good to see Serena fired up.// Fired up, I’d call it nothing more than a temper tantrum by an adult acting like a child whose been caught doing something that she knows she did…she even complained afterwards about being caught to many times this year, she been allowed to do it before…. spoilt and over indulged….
    Joe Wilson…what politician doesn’t tell lie’s, so he was just stating the obvious, but he was also showing us all that they point out the bad in others yet deny it in themselves…
    as for Kanye …I agree with Jonestein..except she should’ve said stepped on the Tigers, cause thats about as much of a fight as they could put up….and as for Michigan lets face it 50% is about all they are gonna be…
    So to AL I say this– if it’s fight in a team you want find another…cause the Tigers are like the government they just dont cut it…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  4. Jane Heller

    It took Serena Williams three days and 7,000 PR advisors to figure out how to issue an apology. Then she was cheered at her doubles match. Like Wilson has become a hero at rallies. And Kanye goes on Leno and cries. It’s a great country.

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