Go See Him While You Can, People

albert pujols red.jpg

Albert Pujols has played just nine Major League seasons and in each and every one of them he’s hit over 30 homeruns, collected more than 100 RBI and batted over .300.  Those aren’t just good numbers, folks.  Those are astronomical numbers.

And this is his best year yet.

I think it’s time we stop referring to Albert Pujols as the future Hall of Famer that he is — because let’s face it, if the man’s career ends today he’ll be a first ballot lock* — and start acknowledging that he is indeed one of the greatest players to ever play the game, all-time, in the history of the game.

mlb.com.screengrab.jpgCan we just stop and think about that for a minute?

In our present game, today, right this second, we are witnessing a rare and genuine paragon of baseball supremacy.

Stop — and — think — about — that.

My Dad saw Gibson. 

My Grandpa saw Musial.

And Albert will trump them both.

By a long shot.

I know it’s hard to understand while it’s happening.  I realize that, in most cases, we do not realize what great feats we are witnessing firsthand until it’s too late, until our heroes are lifted in the 7th for defensive replacements, until they’re embarking on sappy, over-produced farewell tours.

But right now we all have the opportunity to savor the greatness, to take it all in, to let it move us.

There are many beautiful women: Erin Andrews, Heidi Derosa, Allison Stokke… but none of them are Marilyn Monroe.

Great presidents abound in Franklin D. Roosevelt and George Washington; but there is only one Abraham Lincoln. 

Sure, Metallica is great and all but there’s only one Pink Floyd.

And yes.  There is only one Albert Pujols.

Don’t hate me.  ‘Cuz I’m right.



*As one reader pointed out, a player needs 10 years in the Majors before being eligible; consider my phrase a simple bout of hyperbole


  1. Jonestein

    You’ve been watching way too many of those smarmy “Beyond Baseball” commercials (and reading way too much revisionist/biased history re: Abe & FDR).
    Kidding. Albert is pure awesomeness. Abe & FDR, not so much.

  2. redstatebluestate

    Haha. Jonestein, we iz a talkin’ LEGACY here. Love ’em or hate ’em, FDR & Abe are WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE! Now I’m mixing up all my references/metaphors. *Sigh

  3. redstatebluestate

    I think Albert prefers to win so best of luck to ya 😉 As for Erin, well, I’ll just plead the fifth on that one 🙂

  4. raysrenegade

    I was talking with someone the other day and we speculated that we are in the cusp of somehting wonderful in the game of baseball.
    At no other time has there been so many future members of the Hall of Fame beginning their 5-year wait and also had some of the next generations mega-stars also pounding on the door so early in their career.
    We have Chipper, and Griffey Junior and Thome and even Maddux and Glavine almost ready to wait their 5 years then walk to the podium.
    And we have David Wright, Albert Pujols, Adrian Gonzalez and even Evan Longoria beginning to post numbers that might be astronomical for a long time.
    This is a great era for baseball, and with the multi-media facets running 24/7, we will have history making footage of all of it forever.

    Rays Renegade


  5. aducker

    Pujols is a scary man, indeed. The way he stands at the plate, the way he’s so strong he doesn’t even need much of a step when he swings. He’s just a bad, bad man. The prospect of the Dodgers facing him in the playoffs doesn’t sit well with me but at least the Dodgers have the kind of pitching that will hopefully limit him a little.

  6. redstatebluestate

    09indians – Allison is a pole vaulter! Awesome, eh?
    RR – I agree on Jr. and Chipper, Maddux and Thome and Glavine. Wright, Gonzalez and Longoria still got a ways to go to convince me but it’s in the works. Great comment.
    Julia – It is, which is why I would just die if the Yankees or Red Sox ate him up someday.
    aducker – I dunno. Dodgers starting pitching has been suspect of late. Your best guys (right now) are Padilla and Garland, neither of which would cause AP too many problems IMO.

  7. redstatebluestate

    09indians — One of these days…
    Jane — Gibson, Musial and now Albert… the Legends of St. Louis baseball. Pitcher or not, these guys are in the upper echelon. Point being, AP will be bigger than both those HOFers IMO. I take it you’re a Floyd fan too. Good call!

  8. crzblue2

    Pujols is such a great hitter. I say just give him the royal treatment and walk him. Manny Mota had his annual auction last week at Dodger Stadium and he had a few items there signed by Albert.
    We in the National League are fortunate to see him play and in St Louis they are more fortunate.

  9. redstatebluestate

    Jonestein — It’s a comin’ dude. We like to try and post between 2:30 – 4:00 pm on weekdays. It’s a comin’… I promise 🙂
    Emma – You betchya! Good for AP on signing stuff for auction (he’s a tough one to get to sign anything other than a baseball unfortunately)

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