The Filibuster

Jimmy_smokes.jpgDoes Jimmy Leyland still smoke?  His voice sounds like gravel mixed
with more gravel.  I figured if anyone would know something as wacky as
this, it’d be you guys.

Hammond, IN


Does the Pope sh!t in the woods? By which I obviously mean, of course Jimmy Leyland still smokes. Let’s face it, even if he gave up smoking, the residual tar in his lungs and nicotine in his blood stream would be the equivalent of smoking a pack and a half of Marlboro Reds a day. For the next ten years. They may not have found any biological weapons in Iraq but the city of Detroit sure has one and it’s Leyland’s bodily fluids.

The more important question here, though, Nate, is why haven’t the Tigers used this to their advantage even as the season slowly slips away? For instance, if an opposing pitcher is heating up, have Leyland breathe in the guy’s face between innings. The nicotine blast alone would be enough to get the guy wired and perhaps allow the Tigers’ hitters to tee off.

But instead we have to content ourselves with blurry images of Leyland furtively catching a smoke while we take bets on how much lung capacity he has left. Considering the fact that he hasn’t really let loose on his team during this ridiculous slide, I’m going to say it’s only about 25%. Any takers? Nate?



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  1. Michael David

    The way the Tigers have been playing down the stretch here makes me think he’s been smoking a little more the just cigs. He seems pretty mellow as his team heads for second place in the lowly Central.
    You guys might wanna check out ‘Man vs. Food’ on the Travel Channel Wed. night at 10pm. They’ll be at 5/3 Ballpark in Grand Rapids trying the Fifth-Thrid Burger.

  2. raysrenegade

    Does a bear still poop in the woods?
    That might be the more interesting question.
    Leyland is that old school coach that still shows the habits, vices and also the gruff of a earlier time in the game.
    But that also is not a bad thing.
    His style might just be what the Tigers needed this year, but also might be what some of the clubs in the MLB need to get back into the playoffs and produce some winning records.
    Funny, I still remember him standing in the dugout in S Florida so long ago, or even in those Pittsburgh colors, and his shape and demeanor have remians as consistent as his views of the game……….A true icon symbol for a manager.

    Rays Renegade

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