Getting Ahead

ted_williams_moxie.jpgThe playoff races are all but decided at this point. Baseball fans are settling in for a postseason with many of the usual suspects. There aren’t a whole lot of surprises at this point and there isn’t much reason to get angry…..or is there?

If you have become complacent due to the lack of baseball excitement in your life, boy, do I have something for you. Some dude has been using Ted Williams’ frozen head for batting practice. Seriously, man. Ted Williams. I mean, the guy might have been a bit of a kook but still, that’s no reason to be batting around his frozen head with a monkey wrench. That’s like using Warren G. Harding’s petrified liver as a hockey puck. It just isn’t done.

In a few days we can go back to worrying about playoff baseball but, for the time being, maybe you should use this downtime to write your congressman. Unless it’s Jim Bunning. If his senate career is any indication, he probably would have thrown at Williams’ head. Monkey wrench, baseball. Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.

Happy Saturday!




  1. juliasrants

    Obviously the Ted Williams story has been covered extensively in the Boston area. It is very disturbing. But so is the idea of 1. Freezing your head so you can be recreated and 2. The fact that the company where Ted’s head is uses cat food cans as bases to hold the heads. Please – can’t poor Ted just rest in peace?


  2. TribeTed

    Who in the right mind would use Ted’s head as a ball in batting practice? Answer – psycho’s. Ted wasn’t the weird one, his son was the one who chose to freeze his head in Texas. I know a ton about the Williams life, I am named after the guy. I will ramble on only a little longer.

    His son actually wouldn’t let him talk to anyone, instead of Ted being abusive, his son was which made Ted look like the bad guy here. Ted was actually a very nice guy, my dad sat down and talked to him once in Florida at a camp and talked baseball for an hour. He actually got his autograph.

    But when fans started mauling in the camp Ted got mean and nasty cause he didn’t like signing autographs (he signed so many during his career.)

    But he isn’t a bad guy, it is his son. Great post Allen. But Jeff is better. 😉 New post up on “How creepy Mark Shapiro is, and what he does in his off time.” You guys are gonna love this one.


  3. Elizabeth D.

    As Julia said, the story disturbed me as well. I can’t believe anyone would use Ted Williams’ head for batting practice–simply appalling. The idea is a bit creepy though (so try to revive him).
    Even though most playoff teams are locked right now, Game 162 still matters for the Twins and Tigers–gotta love it!

  4. redstatebluestate

    Ouch, Prince. That hurts. I go away for one weekend and now Al gets all the accolades. LOL.

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