We Interrupt this Playoff… to Bring You Monday Night Football

brett favre vikings.jpgAs human beings, it is really easy to get sidetracked.

Like the other day when I got mixed up in a drinking contest with two Irishmen and a professional female bodybuilder from Greece when I should’ve been at home paying my bills.  I paid for it.  Literally and figuratively.

Or like our president, who, under pressure, danced off to Europe championing an Olympic bid that was as busted as Octo Mom’s fallopian tubes (fellow Chicagoans, we know we couldn’t have pulled it off) while he should’ve been here dealing with the health care debate war.  Chicago lost.  And we US Americans are nowhere even close to having a functional proposal on the table.

And now, instead of watching a one-game playoff between the equally doomed Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins tonight at the Metrodome, we have to wait until Brett Favre makes his highly touted debut against his former team.

Well, okay, so not all interruptions are created equally (y’feel me, Kanye?).

Personally, I welcome this NFL intrusion because, let’s face it: neither the Twins nor the Tigers are going to make much of an impact in the playoffs (believe that!) anyway; and, more importantly, nothing brings me more satisfaction than knowing my misanthropic and oft blasphemous colleague, Mr. Allen Krause, has one more idle day of sweatin’ and shakin’ and spittin’ himself silly knowing that it’s win or go home for his beloved Tigers.

I’m guessing it will be ‘go home’.

Hate me ‘cuz I’m a smarmy callous of a man, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



(*Image courtesy of “anonymous” on the interwebs; I just found it on a message board with no source listed though I’m sure one exists somewhere)



  1. stonebutch99

    I don’t like Brett Favre’s yearly drama, but I’m actually looking forward to this game. I’ve been off all day, and I’m coming down from my beer buzz at lunch. I better get it cranked back up again…. “ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?!!”


  2. redstatebluestate

    I think the sweetest victory would be for the Packers D-Line to knock Favre in his mouth so many times that he actually thinks he’s still with the Packers. That’d be a great night cap.

  3. iliveforthis

    Oh Jefferson, “smarmy callous of a man” describes you oh so well. But as always, you are right, neither team will stand a chance against the Yankees. Oh, and I’m remembering your “2009 NL West Preview” of “whoever is the best at being mediocre.” I hope you’re eating those words now. :^)

  4. Michael David

    This wouldn’t be a problem if they would have just played the game in Detroit. But that’s the Tigers fault, and if they had a better record against the Twins they wouldn’t be in this situation anyway. Granted, the Tigers have snowball’s chance in Phoenix in this game, but anything can happen. The Yankees havn’t done well this whole decade in the playoffs, and remember in 2006 the Cardinals were the worse team in the playoffs(record wise) and ended up winning.

  5. redstatebluestate

    Ted & Austin — Looks like Favre still has it. BOO.
    Julia — “Go Tigers”? Don’t go astray… don’t go astray…
    Ginny — I’m with you on this one.
    Emily — Okay, okay. You got me. Can you blame me though after last season?
    Mike — Oh yes… that I remember well. Didn’t even break 90 wins that year.

  6. Buz

    Brett just wanted to create the fervor in the Dome so that the Tigers would have to face the raging white hankies!! I think he accomplished his goal. And what of the funky fans that start verrrrrrryyyyy young with horns and purple face paint. Scary.

    Buz – http://buzblog.mlblogs.com/

  7. redstatebluestate

    Prince — I don’t think so. I’ll check, but I’m pretty sure he stays out of the limelight.

  8. redstatebluestate

    Buz — There are a lot of things about Minneapolis that are scary. Remember “Purple Rain”?

  9. crzblue2

    I hear about Detroit and the economy and I say “Go Tiger!” then about the Twins playin at the Dome for the last time and I say “Go Twins!” Ohhhh I am so confused!
    May be the best team win!
    Foosball is the devil.

  10. theheirloom

    OK, Jeff, if it was…say…prior to Week 2 of the NFL season, I would be in your camp.

    Long story short: The Twins were screwed by a mall developer from New Jersey in the name of a quarterback who starred in “There’s Something About Mary” and said Mississippi bumpkin’s former team o’glory.

    At least the PA announcer at the Metrodome Tiebreaker did not call it the “new” name as brokered by said mall developer – the naming rights courtesy of a well-known touristy megamall.


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