The Filibuster

question_mark.jpgThings seem a little topsy-turvy so far in the MLB playoffs. We still
have a long ways to go but I’m feeling a little confused as to who is
doing what and why. It helped me a little when I read Allen’s playoff
preview but I still find myself wondering who will actually come out on
top. So, what do you think Jeff? And considering your Cardinals aren’t
looking too good, I want to hear the truth, not your hopes.

Toledo, OH

Okay, Cheryl.  It’s the truth you want, is it?  You want the truth?  Ha!

Neither can I.

That’s why I’ve been conducting a little research into one of my favorite adult beverages: Kalamazoo’s very own Bell’s Oberon beer.  And this is what I’ve discovered:

It would take 17 bottles of Bell’s/Kalamazoo Oberon to kill me

Created by Bar Stools

Either that or getting swept in the National League Division Series.

As I sip on this here 16th bottle, let me disclose *burp*… the er… um… *hiccup*… thissdsk is whaat I knoooow.

  • Yankees… good
  • Angels goooooooooooooder…
  • Dodgers *hiccup*, er… I djslamurss… Padilla is uuuuuugly!!!
  • Rockies… brrrrr… remember Dante Bichette?

So there… you *burp*, have it, Chhhhhheryl.  Maybe it’s not as *hiccup* articulified and edumacated as Mr. *burp* Krause’s baseball-politico sex romp of an essay (ha! I allllmost wrote “Ese!” like “Hola vato! Que hay de nuevo!?”)…

… but… er… it’ll do.  I’ll sleep this off and be back to my normal, blathering, pedantic ssssself tomorrow.

Hate me ‘cuz I’m schnnnnnockered, Cheryl, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m not Vicente “I AM FLOPSWEAT” Padilla.

Bottoms up,



  1. devilabrit

    Amazing you still have a sense of humor today…hmmm, maybe you’ve downed that 17th by now… couldn’t help notice 2 of the Dodgers starting pitchers were Phillies cast off’s…what were we thinking…sorry about that…:-)
    I guess I should maybe order my Kalamazoo just in case…
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  2. Yankee Hater Hater

    Sucks to see the Cardinals go down the way they did. I listened to TBS try an soften the blow, but I doubt it did much good.
    Good luck drinking yourself under though, I’ll order myself 3 dozen Budweisers just in case something happens to the Yankees…


  3. Jonestein

    Cards gone in three. Sox gone in three. Hate the Yanks. Hate Los Anaheim. Indifferent towards the Phils. Indifferent towards the Rox.
    Ok, time to feign interest in the NHL. I assume Allen pretends to follow the Red Wings, but what NHL team do you acknowledge the existence of, Jeff?

  4. redstatebluestate

    Peter — Better get the Oberon now (if ya can). It’s seasonal and I think I bought all of it available here in the Chi 😉
    Jane — Yeah, Pavano did well… except for those two mistakes… se la vie. Congrats. Now get ready for an Angel beatin’.
    Buz — That’s baseball. Still hurts though.
    Prince — Yadi was tryin’ to do too much. Unlike him. Besides, he can do no wrong… you know why. I won’t mention it again unless I HAVE to.
    YHH — 3 dozen cases? I’d die just looking at that much.
    Lisa — I’ll get over it. Not the first time it’s happened. Thanks for the concern though.
    Emma — Si. Es la verdad. Y cuando su equipo es los Cardenales el futuro esta lleno de la esperanza.
    Jonestein — Good question. Followed the Blues during my youth. I gave up on hockey in ’05. The Blackhawks buzz last year drew me back in. It’s a slow process… though I do have the Bears but no team has my heart quite like the Redbirds. *Tear*

  5. redstatebluestate

    Thanks, Erin. I try to stay sane… and by doing that I often go insane. Makes sense to me. The saddest part? No 1987 WS rematch.

  6. jesskcoleman

    Angels are gooder? On what criteria? Better first baseman? No. Better relief pitching? No. Better closer? No. Better second or third baseman? No. Better bench? No. Better starters? Maybe. Better outfield? Probably.
    Sounds like the Yankees have the advantage. Boy are you off.
    — NYColeman

  7. redstatebluestate

    NYColeman — Boy you take yourself WAY too seriously. Can’t you tell by the tone of the above piece that this is a place to have fun and chide and just hang loose, dude? Why are you Yankees fans so rough around the edges? I can’t wait to see how y’all react when you don’t win the WS… again. Jeesh.

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