The Filibuster

Who is more despised by the RSBS guys?  Yankees or Cubs.  I haven’t figured it out yet. 

Brad T.
Springfield, IL


indy_snake.jpgMaybe I’ll begin by asking a question of my own. Who was a more insignificant president, Benjamin Harrison or Millard Fillmore? Or perhaps it makes more sense to ask something slightly different, like, who was a more brutal dictator, Stalin or Mao? The point I’m trying to make here, Brad, is that there isn’t necessarily an answer to your question. Wanting to know who is more despised, the Yankees or the Cubs, is like asking what does Indiana Jones hate more, bugs or snakes.

When it comes down to it, the Yankees and Cubs aren’t all that different. They have both been spending money like a hobo in a liquor store, dropping every last penny on whatever rot-gut might make them warm for a second. Milton Bradley is just a poor man’s Jason Giambi once you leave Bradley’s temper and Giambi’s juice out of it. And up until this season, the results were pretty much the same. Make the playoffs, head to the playoffs, crash out of the playoffs.

The equation shifted a bit this year, though. Now, it’s safer to say that the Yankees are Stalin to the Cubs’ Hitler. It was all going so well for the Cubs until it all fell apart. And the Yankees may have almost driven their base over the edge with the profligate spending and tax-payer financed multi-billion dollar ballpark but, like Stalin, nothing brings the masses back in line quite like victory.

All that being said, I still don’t know as though I can say that one of those two teams is more despised here at RSBS than the other. I can say, though, that after thinking about it a bit more, although Indiana Jones really didn’t like bugs, he hated snakes. And the name Steinbrenner sure does have a sibilant sound to it, just like a snake. Coincidence? Probably, but I’m willing to forgo the formalities and declare the Yankees the more despicable.




  1. Jonestein

    Wow, what a great RSBS Metaphor-Off entry THAT would have been…of course, it would require the Cubs making it to the WS, and we all know the Mayan calendar says the Cubs suck.

  2. raysrenegade

    I guess my answer will be simple………..I do not hate the Cubbies, for they are the new “lonesome losers” of baseball. Not for their regular season exploits, or even Milton Bradley, but for their post seasons follies.
    The Yankees, well they are hated by me becuase of the divisional play where I have more than enough time to learn everything from shoe sizes to their personal gift selections for the team Christmas party.
    If I was a NL guy, then the big “C”s might be the nod.
    But since I am a AL guy, you know I have to pop the Yankees up on the chopping block based more on divisional pride than common sense.

    Rays Renegade

  3. Erin Kathleen

    Yeah, I wouldn’t care about the Cubs, except they’re from Chicago. As a Minnesotan, I have a strong disdain for anything related to Chicago sports. I think it’s in our state charter somewhere. I wouldn’t care so much about the Yankees either, except my team can never ever find a way to beat them. They’re always coveting our best players, too. If I have to hear one more time about how good Joe Mauer would look in pinstripes, I am going to snap.

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