A Man in the Full

Recently Jeff and Allen squared off in an epic, metaphor driven battle. Like Thunderdome, two men entered but only one man left. However, instead of choosing death as the punishment for the vanquished, the RSBS team decided on a fate much, much worse. Today Allen fulfills the terms of his defeat by writing an essay extolling the attributes of the winner. We now present that entry in its original and unabridged form.

Jeff_seatbelt.JPGThe world did not change overnight when Jeffery Lung was born in the late 70’s. Instead it waited patiently as he grew up, sang and danced his way through high school and made short work of both the Chinese language and four years of college. And as the world waited, it also saw fit to provide Jeff with a sidekick, a Laurel to his Hardy, a Penn to his Teller, a Siegfried to his….ok, not so much that last one.

Jeff and I met in the fall of 1997 when we both arrived at college and made the fateful decision to participate in the orientation week spectacle. Maybe it was the strains of Carmina Burana that made us friends. Perhaps it was the endless hours of rehearsal for plays and the campus improvisational comedy troupe. Or maybe it was living in the same dorm room for part of junior year and my having to lean over the top bunk every morning to see the beautiful girl that all of us wanted but that Jeff had gotten.

Honestly, though, I think it had more to do with just Jeff. He doesn’t like to brag about it but he’s really freakin’ smart and it’s good to be around that. Did I mention he speaks Chinese? Fluently? And that he won a Fulbright Scholarship to study in China? And he does this all while being left-handed. Seriously, I can’t even hold a pen in my left hand. He writes in three languages with his.

I could go on and on about his abilities but there’s another aspect to Jeff that’s even more important. He’s plain and simple a damn good friend. I have a bad habit of disappearing from the interwebs occasionally but he doesn’t kick me off the blog or question my loyalty. He just keeps plugging away and then gets in a couple shots when I get back. But he’s always there and always has been for the past decade. That’s saying something.

The world has changed quite a bit since Jeff was born. But in the past 12 years one thing has remained constant. Jeff Lung has been and will continue to be one of my closest friends and one of the best friends you could ever ask for.


P.S. No h0mo



  1. mlung@hotmail.com

    Al I totally agree with everything you said. My life has been completely changed by his presence in my world. Of course for different reasons than you. He is often so hard on himself, but with friends like you to remind him, perhaps he will realize the joy he brings to all of us both in person and in cyberland. Keep on keeping on my son. Love Baba

  2. stonebutch99

    Inquiring minds want to know….did Al *really* write that? 😉 No ****, but I wanna be his BFF if he’s that freaking awesome.

    P.S. Left handers do it better

  3. devilabrit

    So now Al has a brown nose all is well at RSBS, Jeff will obviously get Al a new pair of knee pads for Christmas and Al will get Jeff a bigger hat to go on his now over swelling head ( the one on his shoulders) did i actually type that… hmmm could have sworn I just thought it….
    so enough time has passed…
    Yes Jeff the bullpen made me this sick…

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