Beyond Non Sequitur III

Yep.  This is totally out of left field, but I feel the need to share: this picture has been cracking me up for a good month now.  Every time I look at it I lose myself in uncontrollable laughter.  Can anyone tell me why?

tomb raider.jpg
Not sure if there’s any reason to hate me this time, so, y’know, don’t. 

And just in case you’re wondering: Yes, despite the cool, peaceful demeanor of the above holy man, dude still hates the Cubs.



(*Image courtesy of B3TA)



  1. raysrenegade

    Got to admit I would have thought by now the religious powers that be in the world would have devised a PS2 or Wii version of the Jesus epic, but it would only have less than 32 levels.
    Maybe in the future we could get William DeFoe into a Blue suit and get some Special Effects going, but besides the awesome power of turning water into wine………what powers would a updated Jesus possess?

    Rays Renegade

  2. Jonestein

    Hmm, on the surface, yeah, it’s hilarious. But since you asked us why you are laughing uncontrollably I have to assume I’m missing something here that isn’t so obvious. Do tell!

  3. devilabrit

    It would be hard (poor choice of word) to explain why you are laughing on a blog that doesn’t allow more than PG ratings… or is that just shadows or bad airbrushing….
    At risk of offending as many people as you, you know the dude was gay, right…. something to do with his powers of healing when he touched…:-)
    But then it could be in the darkened background the lonely Cubs jacket left on the tomb….
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  4. devilabrit

    On further reflection he’s almost got a Triple ‘H’ appearance, he’s just missing the DX robe….:-)

  5. redstatebluestate

    Jen — Now you know what I’ve been dealing with, LOL.
    RR — A PS3 version would be even better! It’s supposed to do EVERYTHING, right?
    Jonestein — Nope. Don’t think you’re missing anything… it’s just… funny.
    Peter — You went the extra mile. Job well done. Triple H. Classic.

  6. redstatebluestate

    Jane — I won’t tell a soul… damned or not.
    Prince — I don’t know. Don’t wanna know. Period.

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