From Right Field to the Parking Lot

Jimmy_smokes.jpgAs the postseason awards get handed out and as Yankees fans revel in what 1.4 billion dollars can do for you, those of us cheering for also-ran teams have to sit back and hope for better luck next year. Yep, next year could be the year when Verlander wins his Cy Young, Miguel Cabrera finally walks off with the MVP award and Jimmy Leyland and the Tigers win the Series. It’s not impossible.

But even if this is just a pipe dream, it’s still better than watching the Lions continue to redefine terrible, one loss at a time. We used to have the Pistons but they’re just ordinary anymore. And I suppose there are the Red Wings but I am not nor have I ever been Canadian so that just doesn’t do it for me.

The thing is that the Tigers have all the pieces. They’re just missing that elusive something, that killer instinct that could put them over the top. You don’t put that many Venezuelans on a team and not expect some sort of revolution. Expectations are about all we have these days, though.

This whole process is kind of like that old song about playing right field. You daydream about the ideal situation and everything coming together but then something wakes you up and you face the truth, the terror of a baseball hurtling your way. For me, that something is one of my favorite Twitter streams, Sh!tMyDadSays. And if you scroll down to the tweet on October 8th, you’ll see what I mean. Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

Hope springs eternal, though. And in case you’ve forgotten the song, the kid ultimately ends up making the catch out in right field. Who knows? Maybe next year the Tigers will get the good news that Justin’s dad thinks they deserve. But I’m betting on god taking another dump in the parking lot.




  1. greg1969

    Allen, it is kinda ridiuculous how the Lions redefine terrible every week. But look at the bright side–they beat us, the Redskins (er, Deadskins)! :/ And when did the Pistons decide they just wanted to be ordinary, anyway? Hmmm!…
    I think you are right–the Tigers should be contenders practically every year, but they don’t have that killer instinct. Until they do…

  2. raysrenegade

    Perfect wording in that post.
    Killer Instinct, or the lack of a death blow might have been the cantilever to throwing the Tigers out of the playoffs.
    They have the talent,both on the mound and in the field to stake a lead and keep it.
    But something happened to them in October.
    Someone might have forgotten to bring the mojo with them. Might have packed it away for the playoffs and tried to get it warmed up too late to save the Tigers for 2009.
    But 2010 begin soon enough, and the memory of that late season collaspe can be a good emotional point to thrust them early and deep into the possible playoffs in 2010.

    Rays Renegade

  3. Michael David

    I hope the Tigers can pull things together, but I won’t hold my breath. We’ll see how the off season when it comes to their trades and signings.
    I do care about the Wings, probably because I’m close to Canada in live in the original Hockeytown USA. I did grow up watching the Kalamazoo Wings which fueled my love for hockey, too.

  4. redstatebluestate

    Mike: The Kalamazoo Wings, huh? I take it that means you spent some time at Wings Stadium. I still think it’s a bit of a shame that they renamed the team but it was fun getting to see some stars from the Stars get to play there before they got big.


  5. Michael David

    It seemed like I practically grew up at Wings stadium. This was when the KWings were affiliated with Detroit and were winning Turner Cup Championships. I moved away after the Stars took them over and ruined the franchise. I hope they prosper now that they’re in the ECHL.

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