RSBS Postseason Awards Show: Part II

With Major League Baseball and various publications handing out their end of the season awards, RSBS has
decided to follow suit. Sure, our prizes may not come with any
financial reward and they may not trigger any clauses in the affected
players’ contracts. But, it is our civic duty. So, without further ado,
we present Part II of our two part Postseason Awards Show. Jeff, take it away.


adam wainwright.jpgMost Prolific Snub:
Adam Wainwright
Come now.  No Cy Young Award for the anchoring, go-getting horse of the Cardinals pitching staff?  Oh.  Okay.  Look, I get it.  Lincecum is good.  He’s really good.  But in 2009, Wainwright was better.  If you don’t agree with me, well, go get high, eat some Doritos and listen to Beck.

Most Alarming Faux Accusation:

That I had anything to do with the Erin Andrews peep-show tape
Ha ha ha, y’all.  Very funny.  As soon as news broke that some dude took nudey video of Ms. Andrews while she undressed in front of her hotel boudoir, my phone blew up with texts, tweets, calls and restraining orders.  It wasn’t me.  I swear.  I wish it was… sorta.

Allen Krause.jpgMost Consistent Whiner:
Allen Krause
Oh, waa-waa-waa, the Tigers blew the season; waa-waa-waa the Lions are awful; waa-waa-waa I don’t like hockey and Bill Laimbeer slept with my girlfriend.  Whatever, dude.  Be like those who used to live in Detroit and just leave it… and its sports teams.  And know that you’ll never live up to Bill Laimbeer.  Don’t you remember that gimp mask?

Most Laughable Pre-Season Prediction:
That the Cubs would win the World Series
Up until early August of this year, I was still hearing the precocious murmurings of this being the year for the Cubs.  Those individuals would say something in defense now but they can’t because their heads are stuck deep in the sand.  Milton Bradley.  Carlos Zambrano.  Alfonso Soriano.  One has the mentality of a child.  One saves his best game for the Gatorade cooler.  One can’t lay off sliders in the dirt.  Get over it.

And finally…

chip caray fisted.jpgMost Disgusting Broadcast Catch Phrase:
Chip Caray


We at RSBS are at least grateful that we don’t have to deal directly with Chip Caray and his fisting fetish.  Well, let me say that I am grateful.  I cannot speak for Al on this subject.

Hate me ‘cuz you can, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




  1. xcicix

    Wainwright? Really? You could make a case for him if you weighted wins and innings more than anything. Which…well…I kinda think Carpenter deserved it more than Lincecum or Wainwright. So he was injured, he came back from the injury…
    I say it’s payola.

  2. raysrenegade

    Just for you i have in my hands the Q & A Interview with Erin Andrews by the St Petersburg Times from October 18,2009.
    For some reason she doesn’t mention the stalking at the All Star game or thecelver Twits to her Twitter account by a member of RSBS.
    What the heck dude!
    But do not forget she is the daughter of a local Tampa Bay television investigative reportser, Steve Andrews.
    Maybe he will be investigating you soon…………..

    Rays Renegade

  3. redstatebluestate

    Austin — We should all switch over to the ‘wacky tobacky’. You get to buy the first bag. For all of us 😉
    XCICIX — What don’t ya like? The 34 starts, 2.63 ERA, 212 Ks, 19 wins? If he wins that 20th game we aren’t even having this conversation and everybody knows it. Eh. Nothin’ I can do now, except put a spell on the baseball writers. Consider it done.
    Erin — That is a funny spoof. Very accurate too I assume. My Fridays are similar but I prefer Shiny Toy Guns to Beck.
    RR — Thanks for the article. Now that you mention it, that Steve Andrews looks like the guy who is always on the bus the same time I am. Yikes!

  4. devilabrit

    so at last awards that go to the very deserving people that fully earned them… however this off season your starting to scare me a little with yesterdays dreamy award and today’s clear statement about your liking for ‘Shiny Toy Guns’ I trust there for either paintballs or the XBox, cause anything else would be just too weird….but then I guess Chicago would probably do that for you…

    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  5. redstatebluestate

    Peter — Haha. Shiny Toy Guns is the name of one of my favorite bands…. I was gonna go with The Killers. Good thing I didn’t or you might take me seriously. Haha. Chicago? Weird? Yep. Pretty much.

  6. Jonestein

    Wow, that picture of Al…he almost looks like he’s…smiling? I was beginning to think the guy had had a Jack Nicholson-Joker accident with a sullen twist.
    Love the “Awards Show”, great stuff!

  7. redstatebluestate

    Jonestein — That’s Al lookin’ like Joe Maddon. Striking resemblance. And they’re both softies.

  8. xcicix

    Say what you want about Wainwright. You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, and I’d actually rather him win the Cy Young than Lincecum regardless of what the stats say. And he had 4 more wins; aren’t those one of the most important statistics?

  9. redstatebluestate

    Jane — I hope/pray/wish you’re right about that. Why Caray was anointed top broadcast billing for the TNT playoffs I’ll never know…
    Prince — FISTED! F YEAH!

  10. redstatebluestate

    That’s what they would lead us to believe, XCICIX. Meh. Nothin’ we can do about it now… I’m rooting for Waino to win 30 games next year. Then we’ll see where he stands. LOL.

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