Holidays, Hollidays and Halladays

Matt holliday cardinals Here is an actual excerpt from an email I sent a business associate today at work:

Dear (So and So Business Associate),

I hope this finds you well rested after the long Thanksgiving holliday.  Your question really needs little thought to answer, for the best single volume on Chinese symbolism is most definitely Hidden Meanings

Did you catch that?

No, not my inane nice guy approach (which I admit, reeks of staleness).  I mean did you catch my spelling error?

Holiday.  Not holliday.  Silly Jeff.

If this can happen to me, it can happen to you.  Dear readers, if you allow your baseball nerdiness to infect your everyday life then please at least take the extra careful step of proofreading your work-related correspondences. 
Roy halladay
And that goes for everything work related.  The baseball gods blessed me with a 24/7 baseball persona, but they weren’t careful enough to provide me with a reality censor.  Some things slip by and the result can be as catastrophic as postseason errors by the Tigers pitching staff (eat it, Mr. Krause; it’s never going to go away).

Other mistakes I’ve made at work include but are not limited to the following:

  • Screaming out Holy F***! when DeWayne Wise made “The Catch”
  • Telling the mailman he reminded me of a young, early 60s era Dal Maxvill to which he replied: “That’s the coffee with the Columbian guy on the front, right?” Wrong.
  • Asking a client to hold (while I sat in an online queue to score Cards/Cubs tickets)
  • Turning red in the face while explaining to a colleague that a batter cannot advance to first base on a dropped third strike if there’s a guy on first! Jesus Christ I know what I’m f****** talkin’ about here, man!

The above are all avoidable, but when we find ourselves in the trenches of the holiday season and the two most sought free agents are named Holliday and Halladay, someone is bound to find himself in a world of blunder.

And that’s what we want to help you avoid.

So, y’know, don’t mess up.  Like I did.

Go ahead, hate me ‘cuz I fell victim to the occasional spelling error, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.



*PS. Drop by A Bite Off the Big Apple and say “Hi” to Jess; his currently featured NY Note was sent in by a witty, strapping, genius of a baseball fan.



  1. greg1969

    Not only do they make for easy spelling errors, but also for some nice alliteration (granted, it has been sitting there all off-season, like a hanging curve)…

  2. raysrenegade

    You might have cursed when Wise made that catch, I only cursed him and his glove from that point on.
    I have to let you in on as family secret here… I am a Holliday.
    It is a long story, but true.
    I really think that Matt likes playing for the Cardinals, and being a guy from Stillwater, Oklahoma, he knows the appeal of the midwest.
    Halladay making his decision to impose a deal deadline actually might help the new Jays GM.
    Hopefully soon the Halldays, Hollidays and the rest of us can sit down and enjoy the Holidays.

    Rays Renegade

  3. xcicix

    A batter can advance to first on a dropped third strike when the base is occupied if there are two outs…I think.
    Maybe that’s just a PSAL softball rule…
    Just as they’ve been talking about Halladay and Holliday and neither one is close to anything, considering the holidays are in like 3 weeks…they all suffer from the overhype shopping season, I guess.
    And the best deals are still on boxing day.
    Sadly, an AL team will pick up a hitter they don’t really need with the mad, trampling rush (that’s my prediction anyway) and Halladay will go to a team that doesn’t need him anyway, but from the overhype…
    it really is shopping season, no?

  4. redstatebluestate

    First, yes, Cici, you’re right. If there are two outs. I forgot to mention that but it was a part of the conversation. I should have made that known. This is why you are continually one of the most interesting and best commentors on the old mlblogosphere. I’m not kidding.
    Greg — Alliteration is good. Like Paul McCann said: “Careless cars cutting corners create confusion.” Believe that.
    RR — I know man. During that game I was thinking about you and how hard you’d probably take it. I feel ya still.

  5. ez_mac71

    Honestly, I think that the only problem was that you didn’t capitalize Holliday. If your business associates and coworkers don’t understand how important Hollidays and Halladays are then are they really worth communicating with anyway? I think not.

  6. ez_mac71

    Another thing…I love the blog. It is somewhat personal for me as I live in Windsor (across the river from Tigertown) and my mother lived in St. Louis for most of my life. Everyone in my family cheers for one of the two teams that you represent. Oddly enough, I have a love/hate relationship with both teams. 2006 was a weird WS to watch…I had no idea of who I was rooting against.

  7. redstatebluestate

    EZ_Mac — I agree with your Holliday/Halladay assessment. I need a new job. Obviously. And we feel your pain. Or at least I do. Mr. Krause tends to be a bit numb. Being a Tigers/Lions fan will do that after a long time. Haha. Thanks for sharing your personal pull… hopefully the Cardinals will continue to get back to the Series while the Tigers go back to 2003 form and then your decision will be easy to make ;-)PS. We partied a lot in Windsor!

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