But What About the Children?

dimaggio_marilyn.jpgKids have it hard these days. I grew up in cable’s infancy, a time when phones were still attached to the walls. It took a little while for news to spread. And it was a more innocent time, too. Heroes were put up on a pedestal to be worshiped, not to have stones thrown at them. Today, though? Man, it must be rough to be a kid or a hero.

Take Tiger Woods (please!). As if the multiple sordid affairs weren’t enough, he’s now being dragged into the PED arena as well with the news about his doctor using HGH. And as soon as any news about him hits the streets, it’s spread far and wide by the internet. Let’s be honest, it’s entirely possible that Jack Nicklaus had a stable of pretty young fillies at his beck and call during his hey-day but you never would have heard about it. Stars were protected back then.

The real problem is that we can’t seem to find a happy medium. Either we don’t know anything (why haven’t I seen a Joe Dimaggio/Marilyn Monroe honeymoon video?) or we know way too much (the image of a syringe in Roger Clemens’ @$$ is something I’ll never be able to forget). Why can’t we just know a reasonable amount? Like, if someone is a danger to himself or society (Ray Lewis, I’m looking at you), let us know. But if they’re just doing some canoodling on the side, that’s his or her business (yes A-Rod, I’m giving you a pass on that one).

Information is power and that hasn’t changed. And there is plenty of information on every possible subject out there today. But trying to find the useful stuff is like diving into a latrine to find the quarter you accidentally swallowed and then excreted. It’s messy and ultimately just not worth it. Kind of like being a hero.



  1. Jonah

    Great entry, first of all. Sadly, there’s no happy medium nowadays, in this era of TMZ and other like-minded shows, as to which “dirt” is drudged up on anyone in the public eye. For the folk whose careers are spent in front of the camera – it’s all about the power and money tied up in that pristine image. When that image hits the skids, everything that’s been built up to that point folds like a house of cards. For example, a discreet dalliance’s exposure, whether it harms anyone or not, will wind up costing that public figure more than the present financial tie-in, but will also strain the emotional ties any fans or admirers will have for them as well. Nothing is sacred anymore.


  2. Jane Heller

    Our society loves to build people up and then bring them down – and watch their heartwarming “comeback” story. It’s a sick cycle. Plenty of athletes have affairs and nobody writes about it. But when a major star gets caught, it’s a big story and the piling on begins. I don’t see it changing any time soon.


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