If I’m the Boss I’m Calling a Serious Sit-Down with the St. Louis Family

Sobriety Check Point Ahead.JPGThis has absolutely nothing to do with hot stoves, free agents or ticket sales. 

None of that is important.

Because when you drive drunk and end up killing yourself or somebody else or soembodies else, then how important can baseball really be?

Highly touted Cardinal prospect third baseman, David Freese, was arrested on DWI charges in St. Louis Saturday, adding his name to the growing list of Redbirds who can’t figure out how to call a goddamn cab when having had a few too many.

Tony LaRussa.  Josh Hancock (he died by the way because he was driving drunk).  Scott Spiezio.

And those are just the ones who’ve been caught.

I haven’t seen anything in print, but I have friends in the St. Louis service industry who assure me many a Cardinal has been seen getting into the driver’s seat of a car while drunk.  Some of those guys aren’t with the team anymore, some of them are. 

Bill DeWitt, are you listening?

This is not me getting on a high horse.  I have made mistakes.  I have made a lot of mistakes.  My mistakes have hurt people.  I make it a point not to make such mistakes anymore and I make it a point not to hurt other people anymore too.  This is called learning.  This is called life.

And no matter how you argue, there is absolutely no excuse for driving drunk.  Believe me: I’m definitely a man who enjoys his drink — even known to get completely schnockered from time to time — but ya ain’t gonna ever see me getting in a car, driving down the freeway, putting my life and the lives of others at risk.  Why?

Because I have common sense.

And if someone in the Cardinals organization had any common sense there would be a mandatory tutorial for all team personnel on the dangers (who in the world is so dumb they don’t know about these dangers already???) of drinking and driving.

I have long heard stories from Baltimore about instilling in its Oriole family the notion of the “Oriole Way”; and while it may have begun as Paul Richards’ acute focus on instructing and establishing the fundamentals of on-the-field play, it eventually became a code of conduct — a creed which all members understand, that it goes for life off-the-field too.  Nothing supersedes the Oriole Way.

How many Baltimore Orioles are driving drunk these days?


Wake up, St. Cardinals.  Partying your @$$ off is perfectly okay with me, as long as you do it responsibly.  But if you guys want to keep making me and the rest of your millions of fans worry about whether or not you will even be alive tomorrow, well, let me tell ya, I’d rather be a Cubs fan than deal with that kind of stress. 

Y’all oughtta be ashamed of yourselves.

Go ahead. Hate me. I could care less. ‘Cuz I know I’m right.  And you’re pi$$ing me off.





  1. stonebutch99

    Speak the gospel!

    I have a really nice setup at home. I have a beer tender that has become one of my best friends…and I have a wife (non-drinker except the occasional mojito or pomegranate granita) who drives my drunk *** around when I do go out. How can I not love having a wife/designated driver?? That’s true love right there. 😉


  2. redstatebluestate

    Austin, you ain’t a kiddin’. Does she have a sister who is willing to relocate to Chicago? Just sayin’.

  3. Jonah

    It may have to get to a point where a club has to have a DD tail these guys around every watering hole. It shouldn’t have to come to that – these are supposedly grown men, but they are playing a child’s game – but every time the headlines scream out another high-profile person arrested for DWI/DUI, that time should come more sooner than later.


  4. xcicix

    It’s pathetic the way this country treats drunk driving. A couple of days in jail or a warning statement.
    A lot of celebrities have been found guilty and people forget. Yet when a guy like Michael Vick is involved with a dogfighting ring, he has infinite coverage and shame bombarded upon him. And while people are paying attention to things like that, more and more are thinking it’s all right to drive drunk.

  5. redstatebluestate

    Jonah — Why not? I’d rather have these guys have handlers than be dead tomorrow. For some reason money and fame makes people stupid sometimes.
    Cat — Yay! Missed you as of late. Nice to see you back. Drinking too much rarely ends well for all parties. Benjamin Franklin was spot on with “all things are good in moderation.”
    Cici – You’re totally right. Drive drunk? Slap on the wrist. Fight dogs for money? To hell with you. You’re totally right. Help me keep up the good fight.

  6. mary1966

    The Orioles have had their players get DUI’s–have you forgotten Sidney? One in 1996 when he was with single-A Frederick and two in 2005 (one in Florida in January and one in Baltimore in August), after the second one that year they released him. If they had kicked his butt after the first one (there doesn’t appear to have been anything done about that) maybe he wouldn’t be out of baseball at age 33. And also in 2005, another Oriole pitcher, Eric DuBose, got pulled over in Florida in March, and upon being asked to recite the alphabet backwards, told the officer, “I’m from Alabama, and we have a different alphabet.”

  7. Michael David

    My wife cured me of this real quick when she told me of her brother being killed by a drunk driver when he was just a baby. She never knew him. She doesn’t drink, so I’ll always have a DD. An MLB player doesn’t have an excuse for not having the money for a cab, though.

  8. redstatebluestate

    Mary — You’re right about Sidney. I’m talking more on the code of conduct line and Sidney was let go.
    Matt — YESSIR!
    Mike — What an awful thing to have to live with. Glad you take that responsibility. And yeah, the players have no excuse.

  9. redstatebluestate

    You bet, Prince. The view from up top is quite nice and I like reminding people of it, like you said.

  10. tim.davis5@us.army.mil

    Well put Jeffy. Hopefully David can learn from this mistake and be an example of what not to do to the other players within the organization.
    It would not be very hard for the organization to put together some annual or semi-annual safety training that included drunk driving, steroids, illegal drug use and other important topics that surround baseball players. This will continue to keep them informed and educated. The organization is spending millions/billions of $$ on these players. Why not invest in them with some appropriate education to help mitigate some of the stupid mistakes that cost many players golden opportunities to have a great career. Especially the younger, more immature and inexperienced players that are in the minor leagues. Many of these kids are coming straight out of high school or college and could definately benefit from this education, if not just for a continued reminder to keep it within their mindset.
    The organization could get as in-depth and high speed as they wanted, including gathering guest speakers that are knowledgable on the topics or former players that have went through or witnessed another player go through one of the above listed areas of emphasis.
    It is really not that hard if the organization takes it seriously. That is my small rant for the day!!! Ya herd me!!! – Timmy D

  11. Jane Heller

    Right you are on this one! I don’t think any team is immune from the problem, the Orioles included. Just look at the way the teams celebrate a championship: they get drunk and then drive home. Baseball – like real life – is full of stories of players who get in the car even though they’re loaded. It’s got to stop.


  12. redstatebluestate

    Timmy D — Nice to see ya ’round these rooms, man. I believe the NBA or NFL (one or both) has something like this for all rookies when they come in the league where they’re taught how to live in the world of fame and fortune. Perhaps MLB, long known for being outdated and archaic, would benefit from doing the same.
    Jane — I don’t understand it when anyone does it, famous or not, but the players could set a precedent for normal folks to follow. Someone’s gotta take responsibility here.

  13. stonebutch99

    I did want to mention that I agree with Mike on MLB player’s failure to take a cab. I want to take that one step further with Tiger Woods, Paris Hilton, etc. They have the money to have a stretch limo equipped with a personal driver waiting to take them wherever they want to go and back home again. BUT they prefer to drive themselves…idiots.


  14. greg1969

    Jeff, you could not be more right. I just hope you would be the Boss for that meeting, and not LaRussa–he can’t talk with any credibility. And yes, the drunk-driving penalties are a joke! I wish the penalties were MUCH stiffer!
    If Tiger and Co. insist on driving themselves, they need to be locked up just for being stupid (drunk or not)! Personal driver= designated driver= problem solved.
    Well said, Jeff; it needs to be said more often, even now. :/

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