New Year, Same sCrUBS

cubs-fan-crying.jpgSome of the names may have changed, but the bad contracts continue to pile up.  The Chicago Cubs off-season moves have made the Cardinals a much better team than the Cardinals could have made themselves; and the Cards haven’t done… well, anything really.

But watching the Cubs destroy themselves is nothing new.

And when trying to reassert my anti-Cubs passion during the long winter, I got an early charge from this recent Marlon Byrd signing.  Huzzah!  Hey, Chicago, whadya say?  The Cubs are gonna overpay for a centerfielder today!

And a right fielder (Fukudome)…and a left fielder (Soriano)…

Didn’t y’all learn anything about immediately signing a guy from Texas coming off a career year?  Nah.  Nevermind.

The Prince of New York paints a nice, self-destructive picture of the Cubs organization hinged on that Byrd deal; meanwhile, I’m beginning to believe Jim Hendry is employing the James Cameron school of thought by throwing a ton of money at something that is fundamentally underdeveloped, hoping it will be a hit (or be able to hit… a breaking ball, in particular, if you’re Alfonso Soriano).

The difference is: James Cameron threw a lot of money at some stuff that actually looks cool even if the story is sorta lacking.  I mean, I didn’t love Avatar, but I was certainly entertained by it.  One can’t say the same for what lines up to be another epic bust of a season for the sCrUBBIE dubbies. 

It’s 2010.

And Jesus hates them


Don’t hate me, ‘cuz I’m right.





  1. Jane Heller

    So you liked Avatar? I want to see it, but somehow I keep putting it off. Anyhow, I’m starting to feel sorry for that Cubs she-fan whose pic has been manna from heaven for bloggers. I feel her pain, I can’t help it.

  2. redstatebluestate

    Jane — I liked Avatar, but I couldn’t tell ya the names of any of the characters or how the story went. I liked it because I’d never seen anything like it in 3D like that and all the interactive stuff. It was an experience. But the movie itself was just sorta blah.
    Prince — *Fist bump*

  3. greg1969

    And we thought WE were getting old in the OF in Boston. Oh, wait, we signed Mike Cameron! WE ARE getting old in the OF! And Bay’s shoulder is just CYA stuff, if you ask anyone outside of the Red Sox’ front office! Between that, and the Lowell trade debacle, the Red Sox FO has been doing a lot of CYA lately!

  4. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Just as long as the Windy City Teddy isn’t blowing that fowl stench towards Flushing I’m good. We have our own problems. Oh by the way, about the Cubs, another craftily engineered sale orchestrated by Bed Selig(ula). Remember the three card monte he perpetrated with the Marlins, Sox, Expo…er Nats?
    Checkin you guys out over a full year is going to be fun!

  5. Jonestein

    While the Cubs probably did pay too much for Marlon, they are still lucky to have him…he won’t be the whiny ***** like Milty was and he will actually produce for them. Byrd is a real team player and we are pretty pissed at our front office here in Texas for letting him slip away.

  6. redstatebluestate

    Greg — Don’t even try to explain Cameron being better than Bay to me cuz it’s a) not true and b) not gonna convince me 🙂
    Trolley Blogger — I remember the Expos… fondly. I am still saddened by their loss.
    Jonestein — It wouldn’t be Rangers baseball if you were all happy with the way management ran and assembled your team, right? LOL.

  7. greg1969

    Good, Jeff, glad I don’t have to explain something I ain’t buyin’ either. With Cameron, we just got older, not better! 😉

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