Albert in Blue

i_love_albert.jpgAs Jeff pointed out yesterday, the signing of Matt Holliday does not mean that the Cardinals have lost sight of Pujols and his impending contract year. If anything, it shows that they are clearing the air and setting up a supporting cast so they can make sure he stays put. However, I’d like to see something else happen.

See, at this moment in time the Tigers are also clearing out contracts. Granderson and Polanco are gone and despite the money they have tied up in some pretty mediocre pitching, the Tigers will have some wiggle room in 2011.

How perfect would it be if on the five year anniversary of the Cardinals beating the Tigers in the World Series, the Tigers could return the favor in pulling off the coup of the (admittedly brand new) decade by landing Pujols?

Now, I’m not saying it’s probable. I’m not even really saying it’s possible. I just think the idea of Pujols with an old English “D” on his chest is magical. And the thought of Jeff’s lurid fantasies about Albert also involving a navy blue hat with a big white “D” on it makes me smile.

Happy Friday!




  1. ez_mac71

    I’ll believe it when the proof is in the pudding…okay, I’ll believe it when the D trades Miggy to the Red Sox in order to clear some room for Phat Albert’s arrival. Then the Sox will have Miggy, the Tigers will have Pujols, and the Cards will get those coveted draft picks because Pujols is a Type A FA….EVERYBODY WINS.

  2. qualls_for_president

    I don’t like Pujols, and I think the only place he should be is in one of the two big rivals of the Diamondbacks (Dodgers/Cards).
    -From, the number one Dbacks Fan. haha

  3. angelsgirl012

    Pujols in a Cubbies uniform would be awkward and just plain weird. Not to mention he’d be a part of a 100+ year drought! Yet he could also be this ray of hope. Hmm interesting. Though Jeff is right I think Pujols will stay a Cardinal.

  4. greg1969

    Yeah, I think the Cards will pull out any stop necessary to retain Pujols. I can’t imagine why the Cards would set themselves up for a PR nightmare (let alone loss of firepower) and let Alberto go ANYWHERE. (Yeah, yeah, $$. They’ll find it).

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