Tricks vs. Illusions

gob_magic.gifDo you hear that scratching? No, it’s not the mice building a warm nest under your floor. It’s not the dog trying to get rid of those annoying fleas. It’s not even your roommate doing only god knows what while watching the NFL playoffs.

That scratching sound is various agents and GM’s tearing apart and reassembling contracts in order to steal your favorite players away and make that new jersey you bought last season immediately irrelevant.

However, I hope that you won’t think ill of these players and curse them for being the wh0res that they are. Remember, like our friend GOB (pronounced Jobe) Bluth told us, they’re really just illusions. Even if they really do seem like tricks.


-Photo via Skull Swap


  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    They all have that felt-paint-by-numbers portrait of Marvin Miller hanging in their offices. As far back as 1868 owners knew exactly what type of chaos would comsume the game in all things ownership, business of baseball operations, player status under and free of the reserve rule, team city and fan loyalties, fan reverance, revolt, resentment or their own remorse,….they knew then as we know today, how a system, as won through legal proceedings initiated and charged foward by Marvin Miller, would just pervert our glorious American institution of Baseball. OHh!! , pronounced like letter O < (found in brooklynese dictionary under, interjections) in this tense used to express… Fuggedaboudit!!

  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    …and another thing…Michael david is Right! I know better than to buy a jersey of current players. I only get retro’s. However, I did break down twice. I bought a David Wright, and a Big Papi jersey. So far, I regret one of those purchases. Never again. My next jersey I want made up is a Twins Tony Oliva!

  3. angelsgirl012

    ROFL! Siigh this so relates to me I’m glad you made this post. All our FA of last year are gone. Poof! Its miserable for the Angels.

    HOpefully things get better! Or i’m gonna be very unhappy with 3rd place

  4. greg1969

    Truth be told, that is one of the things that I like about the Red Sox home jerseys–they have no name on the back. It doesn’t entirely look right if you put a name on the home jersey (visitor jerseys–different story). The Red Sox home jersey I recently got has no name on it. Presently, it is Josh Beckett’s number (19), but in the 70’s, another favorite Red Sox player wore the number (slightly different jersey style, granted)–Fred Lynn. So the jersey number is something of a salute to both players.

  5. crzblue2

    Like I told friends, the last jersey I bought was Adrian Beltre and after that I said no more current players. I got two Jackie Robinson’s jerseys after that. I would like a Koufax next. Maybe I should get one and put “Crzblue”

  6. Jonestein

    “But where’s the LIGHTER FLUID coming from?!?”

    Nothing like an AD/Gob reference…good one, Allen.

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