Swing Away, Al!!!

Allen Krause.jpgDear readers!  Stand up!  Celebrate!

Let’s dance!

For today is January 15!  And that means today is Mr. Allen Krause’s 31st birthday!

And since it is my jaded pal’s special day, I thought it best not to rip on how he looks like like a young (albeit more intelligent) Joe Maddon; so instead I am going to go against the RSBS norm and actually do something nice for him!

That’s right, folks.  Y’all know that Al is a huge (sometimes annoying) Detroit Tigers fan… so today, to help Mr. Krause celebrate his very own life, I would like to present three awesome Detroit Tigers facts that I researched all by myself (with the help of the RSBS interns).

Happy Birthday, Al old buddy!

Awesome Tigers Fact #1:

Since the birth of Allen Krause, the Detroit Tigers have lost 2,546 games!  And that fancy schmancy fact includes four whole seasons with 103 or more losses, like that stellar 2003 season when the Tiggers lost a mind-blowing 119 games!

Awesome Tigers Fact #2:

Despite being Mr. Krause’s boyhood hero while boasting impressive numbers over 20 Major League seasons, good old Alan Trammell is NOT in the Hall of Fame!  For real!  I’m serious!

Awesome Tigers Fact #3:

This fella made $10 million in 2009 while putting up these gaudy numbers: 1 W, 7.49 ERA, 7.5 BB/9

dontrelle willis close up.jpgThem’s all true facts!  So don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right!

I have known Mr. Krause for over twelve and a half years now and I can honestly say — without even a smidgen of doubt — that one couldn’t ask for a better friend than Allen.

And I mean the hell out of that.

Happy Birthday, brother!





  1. joefromnewhampshire

    Another Detroit fact: They invested money into Jose Valverde while trading away Edwin Jackson and Curtis Granderson! 🙂

    And as I was writing this the music/score/song from Requiem for a Dream came on my Pandora. So that could mean anything…


  2. redstatebluestate

    Joe, if you can make sense outta that then please enlighten us. Now they’re talking to Damon?! What!?! WHY!?!

  3. raysrenegade

    Jeff, nice smacking of mr A ob the booty there with those known facts.
    But you know one of the wildest items might be the high unemployment rate, but the huge turnout for games in 2009. Tigers might be the only positive thing inside the city limits for Mr A’s little squad.
    But bright spots like Willis and Magglio still shine bright in front of the Tiger-themed Merry-go-round where A could have a baseball themed birthday party and be presented with an old piece of the facade of Tigers Stadium left over after the 2009 completion of the demolition of that old palace.
    31, Wow! I remember that year well…… It was the year mt hometown football team went 0-16 and the Tigers used to sellout Lakeland’s stadium during Spring Training.
    Ahhh memories!

    Rays Renegade


  4. dhacks

    Happy Birthday, Allen. When it comes to RSBS, Jeff may be the most prolific writer, the heart, the soul, the juice, the straw that stirs the juice, the best boy, key grip, the blood, sweat and tears, and the ripe fruit from which the juice is extracted, but you, Sir, are The Truth.


  5. ez_mac71

    Happy Birthday Man!
    My gift to you….

    Throw this in your browser…It’s the Bless You Boys song from 1984. Great year for the Tigers…Great year for music.

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