Braveheart in Stars and Stripes

Sometimes ideas are so incongruous that they appear laughable. The response to my recent and obviously hyperbolic suggestion that Albert Pujols would look good in a Tigers’ uniform is a perfect example.

However, sometimes seemingly incompatible ideas come together in almost awe-inspiring collisions. For instance, why would a famous Scotsman ever shill for a low to medium range American whiskey? The idea is laughable, right? I mean, he’s Scottish. They have Scotch. Right?

Prepare to have your mind blown:

connery_beam.jpgThe name is Beam, Jim Beam.


P.S. Thanks for all the birthday messages. 31 has been a good year so far.

-Photo via Skull Swap



  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I hope everyone likes it shaken, not stirred. The 70s were insane dude, guys driving, cruising around suckin down an Old Milwaukee or a Balentine Beer in plain sight, everyone on TV had a cigarette in one hand and a stiff drink in the other. Every movie was an excersize in futility trying to see through the thick haze of pot smokers. And Lillian Carter, Pres. Jimmy Carter’s mom smokin pot in Studoi54 too. Sean was ‘Thunderballing’ the 70s like a drunken sailer on pay day.

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