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haiti_earthquake.jpgThis has been a week of upheaval in both the physical and existential sense of the word.  We continue to be bombarded by images of Haiti and even today a new quake brought new fear.  And in the US, both minor and major tremors shook us as McGwire admitted what we had always suspected and the Democrats lost what was supposed to be a sure thing.

In times of upheaval people search for solidity, for something they can cling to as their world is dashed to pieces.  For Haitians this is an ongoing search as even their government and their public services have fallen apart.  And for baseball fans, even though we knew what McGwire was up to, we go back to the basics and try to rediscover again why we love this game.

For the Democrats, they are in much the same spot as the Haitians.  I remember standing on the lawn between the capitol and the Washington Monument a year ago as President Obama gave his historic inauguration speech.  But a year later his star power has faded to the point that a virtual unknown was able to take the seat held by Ted Kennedy, the Liberal Lion, for nearly the past five decades.

The real question before all of us is what happens next?  Is it possible for Haitians to go back to living a normal existence when even the ground betrays them?  Can we trust any of our baseball heroes anymore or do we have to assume that they are all lying?  And does the promise of a universal health care system fade away for another 20 years until we once again realize how broken and rigged the current system is?

Upheaval forces us to answer difficult questions.  And whether major or minor, these answers take time.  Me, I’m a realist and always have been.  I expect people to take the easy route.  In another two weeks, Haiti will disappear from the news and we won’t hear about it again until the next time a disaster strikes.  Despite the nearly universally accepted realization that health care is broken, our leaders will shy away from making us taste the bitter medicine and unfortunate people (who, luckily for the politicians, don’t tend to vote) will continue to fall through the cracks.  And Mark McGwire, a self-confessed liar and cheater, will continue to make an exorbitant salary as a hitting coach while Pete Rose is banned from baseball.  That, my friends, is reality.




  1. bklyntrolleyblogger

    In a sad sort of way I think the human condition has reached it’s law of diminished returns. Unless we plug into alternative realities, Plato’s idea of a Republic seems like a comic book much less a pipe dream to his own contemporaries.. In the human condition at it’s worst, Hitler tried standardizing the human ideal. I don’t know what to say. When in yours or my lifetime has the condition taken a turn towards enlightenment? I fear the opposite, towards Darker Ages. History repeats itself, always.
    damn that was gloomy of me.

  2. redstatebluestate

    Lorcan – Keeping McGwire out of the hall but allowing him to have an active role in the game that gave him everything even after he spit in its face is not punishment. And to say that Rose ruined lives but McGwire didn’t is just plain wrong. Baseball loves its double standards and this is just one more example.
    BTB – You need to go get some sun, stat.


  3. heartruss

    You are right. As soon as another tragedy hits, everyone will forget Haiti. However, right now it is on everyones mind. It is a fact that the medical care that they are getting now is better than any that they have ever had. Many of the Haitians had nothing to start with. Maybe this will open up everyones eyes.
    I try not to consume myself with politics since it seems I am usually in the minority. 🙂
    Your blog is one of my favorites. You actually make me think!

  4. Jane Heller

    I don’t know where to begin about the current state of affairs except to say to Mike (BTB): Allen is right – get some sun! LOL. Yes, the world is in a complete mess, but I want the health care system fixed and I’m not giving up on it!


  5. lorcanmccormick

    Does anybody know Pete Rose? I know somebody who had to work for the team and worked with Pete Rose a lot. The team fired him for not telling them about his gambling even though he knew nothing about it. He commited suicide the day next. That not ruining a life? Pete Rose is a scumbag. As for Mark McGwire seriously so A-Rod did not ruin lives, Papi didn’t, and no Clemens has all but been an a-hole since it went to court. Mark McGwire working in MLB is nothing not like he is gonna give Pujols some roids and who knows maybe he is using them already! As for health care I lived in Lewisto, ME and let me tell you if everybody had health insurance and what not the place would be in ruins. It cost 200 dollars just to get a check up there with health insurance! Does the system need to be fixed yeah, but for some it won’t work it will make things worse. I am a middle left guy anyways so don’t throw the right wing crap down my way. So to finish this my opinion is my opinion yours is yours. I won’t push my point any further.

  6. redstatebluestate

    Hey, Lorcan, thanks for commenting and being a part of the RSBS discussion. I’ll let Allen handle the specifics of what you’re talkin’ about here since he wrote the post, but I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t at least say: SHAME ON YOU for dragging Albert Pujols’ name into the steroid conversation. Shame. On. You.

  7. crzblue2

    I believe the health care system WILL be fixed! I dont believe people will forget about Haiti. Haiti was set a few years back from where they were which was already the poorest country in the americas.
    I know there was corruption before and it will continue to have corruption after this disaster but I believe there will be less. A lot of people lived in shaks. They have torrential rains and live with the thread of hurricane warnings. In these countries there is no welfare, no social security program.
    I believe Pete Rose wil eventualy make it to the Hallf of Fame.

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