The 31st Edition

Despite knowing my friend, Jeff Lung, for more than a decade now, I’m always surprised by how I can still see him in new and different lights.  There’s Jeff playing baseball:

J.LungPITCH.jpgJeff coming out…

Jeff & Allen 2.2009 026.jpg…..of the shower (while oddly wearing a catcher’s mitt).

And of course there’s Jeff in the nonexistent backseat of a minivan:

Jeff and Allen are cool.jpgSorry I can’t be there sipping with you on your birthday this year, Mr. Lung, but I hope it’s a good one.



  1. greg1969

    …Coming out of the shower while wearing a catcher’s mitt and (equally oddly) his glasses—they are not fogged up? Hmmm!…

  2. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I’ll drink to that!! Happy Birthday Jeff!! Whatever a man does with his catchers mitt in the shower is no concern of mine dude. Who’s designated Trolley driver tonight cause I’m sippin wit him y’all!?.
    best wishes

  3. rrrt

    Guess I’m a day late, so I’ll have to wish you a happy belated birthday! Did you find some Cardinal girls to celebrate with?
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  4. greg1969

    So, does being about 2 weeks apart in your birthdays (since you both are now the 31st Edition), give you guys futher ammo to volley at one another, like who’s smarter, more dashing, etc., the old geezer or the young pipsqueak? 😉 Inquiring minds gotta know!

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