Farnsworth in Amphibian Form

I feel like a failure.  Here we are, well into 2010, and not one single update on Kyle Farnsworth.  However, being the person I am, I refuse to let this situation stand.  So, after some painstaking research, I found a recent video of Farnsworth in action:

Crying, orgasming and only god knows what else.  The man is just full of odd noises.  Hope you didn’t have any romantic plans for the evening but happy Saturday nonetheless.




  1. ez_mac71

    I was about 57 seconds into this and I was feeling a little violated by the disturbing image of Kyle Farnsworth mounted atop another…KYLE FARNSWORTH. Then I realized that you were just fooling around and it was really just a couple of turtles who kind of all look the same anyway. I feel a bit better now but I have a feeling that I will be haunted by those images for minutes to come. Have a jolly good weekend.

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