If the Pittsburgh Pirates Were a Keyboard…

crazy keyboard.jpg

Don’t hate me.  ‘Cuz I’m right. 

And you know it.



(Image courtesy of 9GAG)



  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    My favorite Pirate is Ross “The Dwarfman” Ohlendorf. Reminds me of the Chevy Chase in the orginal movie “Fletch.” I don’t know if you know what I’m writing about, but I amuzed myself anyway.

    Definately the F1 – F12 keys were made with the Pirates in mind, at least.

  2. raysrenegade

    As if the snow blanketing Roberto Clemente Brdge was not bad enough….You had to go there.
    Seriously, I think this team has a few surprises for the National League in 2010.
    Lastings, AC and Garrett Jones are just three names besides Akinori Iwamura that will garner some press and some teams prodding for a Trade deadline deal.
    But, unitl they post a above .500 season, they will be in that same boat the Rays kept bailing out from 1998-2007.

    Rays Renegade


  3. redstatebluestate

    WR — Thanks and welcome to RSBS!
    Homer – Haha. Oh I get the reference. Good work!
    RR — Lastings has been a trouble maker everywhere he’s been, Garret Jones is a 29 year old rookie essentially and Iwamura is good but not that good… he’s no superstar. The only surprise I see happening in Pittsburgh this year is if they DON’T trade everyone away in July.
    Jenn – Yeah, that seems to be the one common theme I hear from all: they have a nice stadium. Too bad they can’t get people in it.
    Emma — Rooting for the Pirates though is like rooting for the three legged dog to win in a race against hyenas. Just ain’t gonna win, no matter how hard you root.

  4. redstatebluestate

    Jane — Again, with that lineup it’s not likely that the Pirates will surprise us… but who knows I guess. Could be. That’s why baseball is great!
    RBTV — I don’t know about that, but in my estimation it’d be pretty similar looking 😉
    Cat — Yep!

  5. greg1969

    Yeah, Jeff, you’re right, but that keyboard ain’t! I guess that is supposed to be an “ergonomically correct” keyboard? Emphasis on “SUPPOSED to be”…
    Note to self: File under “THAT’S…JUST…WRONG!…” Insert directly behind the equally-wrong photo of those Nguyens… YIKES!

  6. mattpeas

    ugh….weeks of optimism down the drain buddy. haha its cool, im not hating-youre right. wouldnt be a fan though if i didnt have hope. all these comments and no mention of Andrew McCutchen. Cutch is the centerpiece of the team no doubt, along with Garrett Jones. It does concern me, guys without a full major league season under their belt are carrying the franchise

  7. redstatebluestate

    Not only that, Matt, but Garret Jones was a 29 yr old rookie last year for a reason. I think his power surge was a fluke, a result of hitting in a weak lineup. He’ll struggle this year, I just have a hunch though I hope I’m wrong. McCutchen is fun to watch… he’s a great player, but one man can’t do it all. Pitching, a solid offensive core and some butts in the seats are what the Buccos need… desperately.

  8. angelsgirl012

    Pirates have my sympathy and I actually enjoy watching the young players. Its just they have… so many young players…. it’s like AAAA 😛 Anyways to add to the Stadium love PNC park is really beautiful! The fans deserve better and the organization has a great history it deserves better too. Soooo management… this is where YOU come in 😀


  9. redstatebluestate

    Mimi — AAA? More like AA, meaning, Alcoholics Anonymous, cuz that’s gonna be the end result if you follow this team too long :-0
    Randy — I don’t know. The Ricketts family just bought the Cubs recently for a bazillion trillion dollars, right? Something like that.

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