Will You Be Mine?

Today we share an auspicious, momentous occasion with you all.  Today RSBS has it’s 2 year anniversary.  We can’t necessarily claim that all those entries were well written or that they even all made sense.  But, you have kept coming back and we appreciate that. 

Since we’re only a day away from another yearly spectacle, I wanted to use this opportunity to present you with a valentine from us to you.  And we mean every word of it:

valentine.jpgWill you be our valentine?

-Jeff and Allen



  1. raysrenegade

    Time flies by when you are having fun or patroling the blogsphere looking for Erin Andrews sightings or possible Tiger Stadium relics Ebay listings.
    Have to say, I personally love coming over and seeing the daily poking of the sleeping bear to see just what daily antics the duo has in store for all of us.
    Always a pleasure, always a blast to visit the Red State Blue State euphoria and hoping for anothe swig on the anniversary jug.
    I raise my glass to another successful year, and for Jeff to find a woman so Feb 14th will not only be to celebrate Chinese New Year in 2011.

    Rays Renegade


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