The Proof Is In the Pictorial Pudding

goreangryatal.jpgA couple of days ago my piously pithy colleague, Mr. Krause, decided to undermine my loyalty to the St. Louis Cardinals.  He spewed verbal chum as if I were cheating on my dear Redbirds by patronizing the White Sox.

Juvenile, Mr. Krause.  Simply juvenile.

Look.  This is known.  I’m a Cardinals fan.  A St. Louis loyalist.  A redbird lifer.  No question.

But I don’t live in St. Louis.  I live on the Southside of Chicago, mere blocks from Sox Park.  And I love baseball.  So I’m going to see a lot of White Sox games over the course of a season.  Call me a cheater, call me a liar, I could care less.  Baseball is baseball, no matter what color the unis are. 

So yeah, I’ll say it again: I’m a Cardinals fan, White Sox supporter.  Eat it, Mr. Krause.  The only time said allegiances will ever raise concern is this October when the two teams meet in the World Series, at which time you’ll find me with my Molina jersey and an interlocking STL on my cap.  I don’t even have to think about it.

Now, Mr. Krause on the other hand, finds himself in a bit of trouble.  At the suggestion of Mr. Jonestein, the RSBS interns and I were more than quick to disprove his most atrocious declaration, which I will repeat here for dear readers galore:

“Me, I bleed Tiger blue and often experience stigmata in the shape of an
old English “D.”  I am faithful to the Tigers to the point of willful
ignorance concerning the other 31 or however many teams there are in
Major League Baseball.”

Okay, first of all, dummy, there are 30 teams in Major League Baseball, not 31.  Second, zombies don’t bleed, so I don’t know how you can bleed ‘Tiger blue’ (is that even blue or is it just light black?).  Finally, the interns’ research usurps your ability to wiggle out of a lie.

And I have proof:


That’s Allen on the left… in a Washington Nationals — THE FRIGGIN’ NATIONALS!!! — hat. 

Allen in hat close up.jpg

That’s Allen with a fake Cardinals hat.  Nice try, buddy, but we don’t want ya on our team.

allen loves joe mauer.jpg

And then of course, there’s this one above… which needs no explanation.

Yeah, okay, Mr. Krause.  I guess when you refer to the English “D” you’re implying that it stands for DECEIVER.

If there’s a Tigers hell (they’d show constant reruns of all the 2006 Tigers’ World Series fielding errors), you are definitely goin’ there, brother.

So don’t hate me, ‘cuz you know I’m right.





  1. devilabrit

    Frickin hilarious, but you should give him kudos for at least staying with teams that really SUCK!!, and I’m sure the Joe Mauer thing was just a passing fancy, jealous of your relationship with AP….
    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  2. redstatebluestate

    Peter — Who wouldn’t be jealous of what AP and I have? LOL.
    Matt — What? The deceiving kind? I thought WVU guys were honest folks!

  3. bklyntrolleyblogger

    All is fair in love and war. As long as neither one of you sue’s eachother…I got mad respect for both. Handle it like Men and I won’t see a problem.

  4. wildthingcrashnukemayday

    Ohhh snap!

    And so true! I grew up in the same part of Cardinals Country, living and dying with the redbirds every summer. But when, as a young adult, I moved to Chicago I decided pulling for the White Sox was perfectly acceptable considering I had never had any interest in or feeling toward the American League up until that point. It’s gotten to the point now that when people ask me who my favorite team is, I ask which league they mean.

    In conclusion, Go Cards! And Go Go White Sox! (And please don’t ever meet in the World Series, I don’t think I could take it).

  5. xcicix

    I wish I could say there was something that made me support any team that plays where I live, but I can’t. The Jets are close, but they play in Jersey so they don’t really count. But if you like the White Sox, then all the more power to you I suppose. Allen probably doesn’t like it because they’re his division rival.
    I’m surprised you didn’t make a joke on his aristocratic genes, however.

  6. redstatebluestate

    Mike — Like men it is…. for me.
    Ted — Finally, reason has shown up to the party. Good lookin’ out!
    The Other Ted — When doesn’t Al go to bed crying? LOL.
    Cici — No aristocracy in Al. That’s all learned behavior.
    Dr. Emma — Thanks! You just validated our very existence!

  7. greg1969

    Hey, I thought it was the girl in the Cubs jersey that was trying to undermine your team loyalty! That was Allen’s doing, also, right? 😉
    Guys, I’ve been enjoying your entries, and interacting with you. I’ll be around a lot less now (outside of Julia’s blog), now that the ST season is underway. Take care, Jeff and Allen, you’ve got a solid blog going–keep it up!

  8. Jane Heller

    Btw, is that really a spammer for Jimmy Choo shoes in the comment above? Hilarious product placement. I can easily see both of you wearing those high heels! I guess it’s time for Allen to set forth his rebuttal — if he can!

  9. redstatebluestate

    Greg — Great having your comments. Stop by anytime! And let us know when you’ve posted on Julia’s site.
    Jane — Jimmy Choo must know that Allen fits in perfectly with his target marketplace. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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