Resetting Our Expectations

veronica_poop.jpgIn all the hype surrounding spring training we tend to forget one important thing.  It’s really freakin’ boring.  We want to love it because baseball is back after a long winter hibernation but when you’re dealing with split squads and guys trying to make the roster, it’s not exactly prime entertainment.  It’s like preseason football.  It gives you a taste of what’s to come but it just isn’t the real thing.

Unfortunately, life is filled with these types of things.  You really want something to be great and you really remember it being great but then it’s here and it kind of sucks.  Like summer.  You spend all winter wishing for the warmth of summer but by the time you’ve sweated through your tenth shirt of the day, you wonder why you ever wished for that.  Or you finally get a date with the girl who turned you down in middle school and when you make it in close enough to kiss her, you notice she has a mustache.  It’s just wrong.

But I’m here to tell you there’s no reason to despair.  Our long, national nightmare has just about come to an end.  Soon, real baseball will be played in real stadiums and when the Nationals are 30 games back at the All-Star break you will know that everything is as it should be.  Veronica up at the top, though, and her poop obsession?  Even I can’t spin that one.


-Photo via Skull Swap



  1. Elizabeth D.

    Poop obsession? That’s an interesting one…
    There’s something special about spring training, to me at least… maybe it’s just because I go to a lot of games and because I’m really interested in the prospects. I mean I guess once you have something you take it for granted, and you don’t know what you have until it’s gone (hence wishing for spring training during the long offseason).

  2. heartruss

    Spring Training is fun because it is so unstructured. My first experience was fantastic. I actually ran into James Loney and Matt Kemp, besides staying in the same hotel as all the White Sox prospects. So cool.
    I am very poop conscious being a nurse. Life can be complicated without one.

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