Anything is Tosh-able

daniel tosh.jpgWe live in a world where the status quo says your government will let you down, where an “extra value” meal will cost more than $5 (while including little to no value), where the Pittsburgh Pirates will be a laughing stock.

Dear readers, it is Friday and all of the above make you feel blue.

Enter Tosh.  Tosh.0

Bringin’ the heat on the tiniest of Phillies fans:

Web Redemption – Phillies Fan
Web Redemption 2 Girls, 1 Cup Reaction Demi Moore Picture

No holds barred… that’s the only way to go, especially so close to beer thirty.

Happy Friday!





  1. devilabrit

    At this point I am wondering if you (Jeff) got that which has eluded you for so long last night, or if maybe your on a promise of some tonight…. cause that was waaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy to nice for an RSBS Friday post…. loved it though….

  2. raysrenegade

    This story had me rolling back when it originally happened. And you got to give Tosh.O totally props for giving the kid and her dad a web redemption.
    But I would have plucked Tosh in the upperthigh instead of the head….Hit him where it will hurt more (lol).
    But I thought the video was a great play on the event, with the little girl finally getting her dad the ball, from her own glove.

    Rays Renegade

  3. redstatebluestate

    Peter — LOL. You’re right. That was sorta light. The alternative was to call the Phanatic a Phag…again. Haha! Aren’t ya glad I didn’t?!
    RR — Tosh always makes me laugh. Glad he finally took up baseball for a change.
    Brady — That kid has good taste!

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