Throw the Bums Out

wall_drives.jpgSports networks love days like yesterday.  As the conference championships finish up, the guess work kicks into overdrive.  Who will be the top seeds?  Who are the first four out?  Who’s on the bubble?  And is this finally the year when a 16 seed takes down a 1?

I’ve got nothing to add to this debate since my knowledge of NCAA basketball this year is pretty much limited to random John Wall highlights.  And it’s still a little too early to start the baseball playoffs debate so that’s going to have to wait a couple more months.  However, there is another debate I feel more than qualified to weigh in on.  Which baseball player, current or former, is the biggest jack-hole?

More than a few players qualify for spots in this debate.  I’m sure I’ll hear from people claiming a place for AJ Pierzynski.  Curt Schilling and John Rocker probably have legitimate claims, too.  However, I’m going to go with three who merit special consideration.  Let the debate begin!

Ty Cobb
I love the Tigers despite recent disparaging commentary about my fandom.  But the fact of the matter remains, if you want to talk about all time bad guys, the Georgia Peach has to top the list.  I’m pretty sure he’s not even really dead but was instead secretly recruited by satan to stalk the earth, invisibly sliding in, cleats up, attempting to destroy the shins and ACLs of unaware people all over the world.

Barry Bonds
Barry, you may have the homerun record but you’re a stinking cheat and that’s how people are going to remember you. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that I would like to punch you in your over sized head.

Jim Bunning
Former Tigers appear over-represented in this short list but there’s no way to pass up the senator from Kentucky.  I understand his point in saying that the senate should have found a way to pay for unemployment benefits before passing the bill.  But there are good and bad times to suddenly have an attack of principle.  The middle of winter when people are out of work probably counts as a bad time.

Despite these guys’ well-earned reputations, there are still legions of fans who adore them.  But there are also those who want to see them get some comeuppance.  Ty and Jim are already in the Hall and like it or not, Barry will probably end up there one day also.  That doesn’t mean we have to sit idly by and accept it, though.  Just ask these guys.




  1. Jonestein

    “But there are good and bad times to suddenly have an attack of principle.”

    Here’s my problem with that statement: To our ONE party, two faction gaggle of elitist Republocrat fktards in D.C., there is never, ever, evereverever a “good” time to have an attack of principle, especially when it comes to spending & redistributing other people’s money.

    EVERYTHING is a crisis. If something isn’t a crisis, make damn sure it becomes one, that way if, by some miracle, one of said fktards bumps his/her head, miraculously applies the Constitution litmus test to proposed legislation and tries to limit the federal government’s power the way the founders intended, the other faction can point fingers and say how mean, insensitive, or unpatriotic the other “side” is behaving, triggering an indignant uproar from their army of useful idiots in the media and on the blogosphere.

    Oh, and Go Rangers!



  2. Michael David

    Cobb always get ripped on, but his nasty reputation is mostly baseball legend than fact. People who actually knew him and talked to him say he wasn’t as bad as his reputation. Yeah, he was a competetive SOB on the field, but what’s wrong with that. He played baseball the right way, and he managed the right way. Simply to win.

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