Different Bib, Same Baby

milton bradley is cancer.jpg
Remember when you were an adolescent and all the problems in your life were someone else’s fault?  Remember when the entire world revolved around you and your desires and everyone else could kiss off?  Remember when you spent more time and energy whining and complaining than actually participating in the betterment of the world around you?


Well some people don’t ever grow out of that.

Dear readers, you know how I feel about the huff-and-puff man-child Milton Bradley.  He’s a waste of talent, an infectious disease, a massive weight on the hopes and dreams of aspiring baseball clubs.

And he just doesn’t get it.

From spinning make-believe stories about Chicago’s evil, racist fan base to bad-mouthing Sweet Lou for something that took place 10 months ago to constantly forgetting how many outs there are in any given frame, Milton Bradley is the ultimate poster child for what is wrong with sports in the 21st century.

Me, me, me, me, me, whaa whaa whaa, me, me, me, me, me!!!

SHUT… THE… ****… UP.


If I were Don Wakamatsu, here is the one thing I would say to this embarrassment of a professional athlete:

“Don’t say a friggin’ word. And don’t make your customary grimacing faces, don’t stare down umps, don’t do anything but play baseball all season long.  If you break these rules, you’re gone. No questions. Gone. Outta here. See ya. Go away. Never come back.”

And no, I wouldn’t care how much money I had to pay him to leave. 

In an era where seemingly nothing is certain, the one thing that can be counted on is that Milton Bradley will destroy his own team.  He has proved it over and over again throughout his entire career.

And to be quite honest, he makes me want to throw-up.

So don’t hate me (yeah, I mean you, Milton), because I’m right.





  1. raysrenegade

    I wanted to believe the deeper shade of blue might tame the demons within the mouth of Milton Bradley.
    I really wanted to see a guy of his talent pull the boot staps up and prove he was better than his mouth.
    2 game ejections in 3 days shows there are other issues in his system.
    Maybe MLB was smart to earlier this year outlaw guns and big knives in the MLB clubhouse, because Bradley is looking like a meltdown waiting to happen…..Hopefully not during the Rays and M’s first series in May…If Bradley will last that long.

    Rays Renegade


  2. devilabrit

    Now I thought that maybe the reason Elijah Dukes mouth coach didn’t show up this year was cause the Mariners hired him for Bradley, but I guess not, who knows maybe the Mariners will pick up Dukes to make a pair….

    Outside the Phillies Looking In

  3. xcicix

    Why does Wakamatsu defend him so fiercely? He goes beyond the limits of defending your player and says that they’re “after” Bradley.

  4. redstatebluestate

    RR — If he lasts that long I think we’ll all be surprised.
    Peter — Bradley AND Duke!?!? Wow, might as well add Lastings Milledge and Steve Howe to the mix for fun 😉
    Cici — Lou did the same thing… until he’d seen enough.

  5. theheirloom

    I’ll up Jane on this one: a shot collar! One that shuts him up when he starts in complaining and arguing a call. In fact, a shot collar should guarantee Bradley staying in the game (in helping the M’s greatly), saving money on fines (helping the M’s again) and keeping Don Wakamatsu from talking out the side of his neck in defending Bradley (ditto).

    This was one crazy week in Spring Training…


  6. redstatebluestate

    Randy — I wonder if MLB would allow that. LOL.
    Jane — I couldn’t agree more.
    Indians — And has!
    Mike — Also, he should not be seen as a pack leader, like myself 🙂

  7. redstatebluestate

    Mike, I’m with ya. BASEketball! Now THERE’S a sport that could always use a “lil beeotch”. Lol.

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