The Filibuster

Have any financial advice for Lenny Dykstra? LOL.

Mick G.
Ft. Wayne, IN


lenny-dykstra.jpgYou know Mick, that’s a really good question.  And to tell you the truth, yeah, I do have some advice for Lenny.  But before we get to that, let me point something out.  You would have to be crazy to take any kind of financial advice from us so who in their right mind gets it from a guy like Lenny Dykstra?  That’s like taking diet advice from John Kruk.

But, despite the sad truth in that statement, Lenny thought he heard a voice crying out for advice a couple years ago and answered by launching a magazine.  Not just any magazine, either.  Seemingly inspired by Ice Cube’s 1998 film classic, Dykstra decided to call his rag “The Player’s Club,” an interesting name for a magazine purporting to dispense financial advice to professional athletes.

So, how did that work out?  Let’s turn to AdWeek for an initial assessment: “Heading into a recession, with print advertising nearly universally in the toilet, it’s an interesting time to start a magazine.”  Hm, that doesn’t sound promising. 

But hey, who knows.  Maybe it got off to a fast start and then picked up steam.  What do you think, Forbes?  “By the time the first issue hit clubhouses and locker rooms, Dykstra was already in litigation with Doubledown, suing for breach of contract after the company withheld the second issue for lack of payments.”  Oh boy.  That doesn’t sound good.

It’s still possible that it got better after a rocky start, right?  Take it away, Deadspin: “Dykstra recently used his mother’s credit card to charge $23,000 to order to charter a plane ride back to his home in California from Cleveland. She has not been paid back.”  Ouch, Lenny.  Your own mother?

But even this isn’t enough for Mr. Dykstra.  There’s no way that this is his fault.  Not the magazine, not his repossessed private jet.  And definitely not his default on a 17.4 million dollar loan used to purchase Wayne Gretzky’s house.

How about if we let Jon Stewart explain the situation a little further:

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I think that pretty much sums it up.  So, here’s my advice to Lenny.  Stop.  Just stop.  And for the love of god, man, pay your freakin’ mother back.



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  1. Beeeebzy

    I wonder if Citi Group, when they decided to buy the naming rights for Citi Field, also decided to take financial advice from ex-Mets “Glory Years” players like Lenny Dykstra. I’m just saying it could explain what happened to Citi Group in 2008.


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