Tiny Tigers Fans Rev Up for 2010

Just so we’re clear, indeed, this is a personal attack on Mr. Krause, his home state of Michigan and his undying allegiance to a team that just ain’t any good anymore.

(It is also a photo essay on the subsequent decay of US American youth)

kid with nattie light.jpgkid smoking.jpg

kid drinking.jpg
Don’t hate me, ‘cuz as awfully blunt and harsh as it is, you know I’m right.



(1st image courtesy of I HATE MY PARENTS; 2nd & 3rd images courtesy of 9GAG)



  1. xcicix

    Firstly, what self-respecting parent uploads these? Okay, they aren’t identifiable in any of these.
    Secondly…why am I not that surprised that there are these types of pictures (and definitely a lot more than 3) on the internet? Because it’s the internet? Not really.
    The first one looks too happy to be a Tigers fan, though.

  2. Jonestein

    They’re photos of my nieces and nephews Jeff stole from my Facebook family reunion photos section. The first one is of Johnny Dale Earnhart Jones III, second is Cletus Kinsler Jones, and the third is my lovely niece, Brittany Lohan Jones.

  3. redstatebluestate

    Cici — I don’t know. I think they’re kinda funny. *snicker* You have a point on the first one, I admit, but I had just told him a joke 🙂
    Jonestein — Something tells me a Cletus Kinsler Jones probably does exist. My mom is a nurse who takes care of babies and she knows quite a few Brock Gibsons.
    Emma -I know right!?

  4. redstatebluestate

    Austin — You and me both. I just borrow my sisters’ kids for stunts like this. Try it!

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