JC: Like a Mountie

With today’s brief lull before baseball re-emerges in all its fury to make us forget that basketball and hockey even exist and JC’s big day coming up tomorrow, it seemed like a perfect time to dig into the vault and bring back a classic.  Me, I can’t get enough of it.

Happy Easter Saturday or whatever you call today!




  1. bigideas

    I met a crazy Jesus freak last year at Spring Training. He came up to me and we had this amazing conversation:

    JesusFreak: “Jesus is coming back.”

    Me: “He never left Brother.”

    JF: “Woah, you will be ready when he returns.”

    The man then went into his Dodge Ram complete with Fully assembled life size crucifix.

    I think he was a serial killer.

    Love the video.


    The Three Bs


    “The $200 French Fries.”

  2. devilabrit

    Is it just me or did the lead singer look like he was dressed as a 80’s Tigers fan and the back-up singers were definitely looking like they had the Cubs on their minds… More time and I am sure I could have put glasses on the dude and a olde-english ‘D’ on his waste coat and he would have looked a little like a younger version of you Al…. hmmmm

    Phillies Outside

  3. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I’m going to consult with my local tree as soon as I finish rubbing myself down with this rooster. I was raised a Roman Catholic and you’ve just cost me more $$ in therapy.
    I can’t resist – but can He hit a curve ball?
    Bon Pasqua!

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