How Can We Make Wrigley Field Even UGLIER?

Oh, I know… cover the Clark and Addison entrance with a giant picture of Lou Piniella’s distended belly.

wrigley field new front.jpgLook, everyone knows Wrigley Field is a dump.  But everyone also knows it’s a dump we all love.  Even I can admit to that.

It’s historic.  It’s sentimental.  It’s old timey.

Where else can you pay ten times the market price for a 20 ounce can of Old Style?  Where else can you gather around a trough with a hundred other men and urinate in drunken unison?  Where else can you go to hear D-list celebrities butcher a classic song by singing out of tune?

Only at Wrigley Field.

I was p!ssed when they added the Bud Light Bleachers (bleacher tickets should not be $44 a piece, people)… I was p!ssed when they added the Captain Morgan Club… and with the addition of these gaudy action portraits, I am beyond p!ssed at the team I love to hate.

People like Wrigley because it’s authentic.  It’s classic.  It’s historic. 

And because the Cubs lose there.

But slowly, as they add an advertisement here, a sports bar there and a fully functioning urinal there, Wrigley Field is slowly becoming just like every place else…

Not Wrigley Field.

So don’t hate me… ‘cuz I’m right.





  1. redstatebluestate

    Jane — The field itself is charming… the infrastructure, facilities and everything else that is not the actual field is run-down, dumpy and ugly 🙂

  2. devilabrit

    I believe this year the average ticket price at Wrigley is in the top 5 around major league baseball, if the highest, I think they just raised the prices… how can it be more than Yankee stadium to watch a game… will the fans be so carefree this year and throw beer as pricey as it is… I share your sentiments, its a dump and its becoming just like all those other commercialized sh!t holes…

    Phillies Outside

  3. bklyntrolleyblogger

    I do not like all the add ons to the exterior either. They’re rather tacky! There’s beauty in simplicity. Gimmie back Weegham Park!
    mike, BTB

  4. redstatebluestate

    Peter — Wrigely is the worst because they KNOW that they become a big deal by being nostalgic, yet slowly they’re letting that go and that, to me, is sad.
    Mike — Weegham Park? Now that’s turnin’ back the clock brother!

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