The Filibuster

You guys make a lot of Bud Selig’s poor management of MLB.  If you could
take his place for one day and make one change, what would you change
and how do you think it would alter the game?


bud selig picking nose.jpgAww, gee, Harrison (insert overwhelming use of sarcasm), thanks a lot.  I only get one day and one change?  What’s the point?  You know this: It’s gonna take a lot more than just one day and one change to correct the myriad wrongs laid down by King Bud over the past 18 years.

Is it realistic to ban the Cardinals from losing 20 inning games?  No?  How about simply getting rid of the Royals franchise?  No?  Okay.  What about forcing opposing pitchers to only offer breaking balls in the dirt to Alfonso Soriano?  Fine.

Then I guess I would have to consider one of the obvious:

  • stop making it (the All-Star Game) “count” for anything other than a celebration of the best in the game
  • shorten spring training
  • eliminate the plethora of off-days during the playoffs
  • change the schedule back to 154 games
  • sew Barry Bonds’ mouth shut forever and ever, amen

But to be honest, none of the above would be worthy of my one day and my one change.  No.  If I only get one then I’m gonna focus on what’s really wrong with the game and fix that as soon as possible.  What would I do?

Allow MLB ballparks to serve beer after the 7th inning.

Imagine being at that 20 inning game on Saturday, soberly watching in extras, thirsty, parched, dried up… brat in hand but no suds to wash it down.  That, dear readers, is simply unacceptable.


beer.JPGAnd it goes well beyond the frustration of watching a game go past nine innings without the comforts of a cold, frosty one.  Think about it: if you are really so blasted from drinking beer during the game, is that one and a half to two innings of sobriety really going to make it okay for you to operate a vehicle? 


If you are really that wasted from drinking beer during the game should you be driving home anyway?

Hell no.

Here’s what we do: tell everyone to drink responsibly.  People are or aren’t going to do that anyway, whether you serve beer after the 7th inning or not.

So please stop punishing me after the 7th inning.  Often times those last couple innings are the ones where I need the numbing powers of alcohol the most!  

Move over, Bud.  Let me make this change. 

Otherwise I’ll be forced to continue double-fisting when they holler out “last call”.

Hate me ‘cuz I finally bring logic to the discussion, just don’t hate me ‘cuz I’m right.




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together, eww)?  Think you got a real stumper?  Send us your Filibuster
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***Images of King Bud in a dress also welcome. They exist. Trust us.



  1. The Game Above All

    The day that Selig retires will be a happy one. And I’m not sure if this was his decision, or if I’m just jaded, but the Red Sox organization deserved the 2012 All Star Game to be held at one of the oldest ballparks in the history of the MLB.

    Selig definitely could have, and should have, handled the steroids issue MUCH better. From what I can tell from Joe Torre and Tom Verducci’s book “The Yankee Years”, Selig and the Player’s Association more or less completely ignored the growing signs that steroids was becoming a huge problem.

    “The Yankee Years” also touches upon the animosity felt for Carl Pavano and A-Rod in the Yankees clubhouse, making it both an educational read and a hilarious one 😉

  2. angelsgirl012

    hahahaha funny answers! 😉

    I second the first change! All star game should be nothing but fun i can’t believe it’s semi-meaningful 😦 Boo Selig Boo!

    Barry Bonds.. so true! Jose Conseco too! Well unless you like his rambling that some how ends up to be true.. *kanye shrug*

  3. redstatebluestate

    Mike — Well put, brother!
    Elizabeth — I like that sort of thinkin’ too. I could go with that decision… after the beer of course.
    Sun-Ui — Thanks for the review. I enjoyed that book myself.
    Cat — True. But after the 7th you can’t… at least, not now.
    Mimi — Canseco is the only one who has been very truthful from the beginning. Hard for me to knock him. Though he is a bit conceited. A megalomaniac of sorts.

  4. stonebutch99

    Not only am I double fisting, my wife is following suit FOR me.

    SPEAK THE GOSPEL BRUTHAH! I was thinking about this when I tuned in for the final 5 minutes of that boring 20 inning game. What if I were there? How miserable would that be? C’mon….extend it to 9 innings!

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