Playing Favorites

jesus_runs.jpgI grew up in a very Christian house and I remember being tickled pink whenever one of my sports heroes would thank god after a big win.  Every Lions fan knew that Barry Sanders and JC were tight.  One of my earliest baseball memories is Frank Tanana on TV thanking the big guy for helping him win the game that clinched the division and got the Tigers into the 1987 ALCS with the Twins. 

But I started to wonder a few years ago: How come god plays favorites like that?  I mean, why did he help out Tanana that afternoon but then totally leave the Tigers hanging out to dry in the actual playoffs?  Were the Twins fans just praying harder?

Finally I realized that it has nothing to do with god at all.  If Dave Dravecky and Orel Hershiser, two incredibly (some might say fanatically) devout Christians, pitched against each other, god didn’t magically flip a coin and decide which one of his children would win and which would lose.  Either they made their pitches and got run support or they lost.

davidwells.JPGI guess my point is that I’d like to see us get beyond all of this.  Tim Tebow didn’t win a national championship for Florida because Jesus came down and guided his passes.  He won because he spent hours on the field and in the weight room preparing for those games.  I’m guessing Tanana did the same thing.  In fact, if there’s anything that should make you wonder about the possibility of divine intervention, consider David Wells.  How that man can launch that girth out of bed every morning, much less throw a perfect game, is the only evidence of miracles that I’ve ever seen.




  1. Jonestein

    Speaking as a man of Girth, I imagine Mr. Wells gets out of bed the same way I do – by rocking back and forth until enough momentum is gained to break Planet Serta’s gravitational field.

    Once again, science, specifically the field of Flabodynamics, trumps silly “miracles”.

  2. stonebutch99

    One of my bigger beefs in sports. The post game “I’d like to thank God…” interview. God doesn’t give a rat’s *** if you won your ****** ******* **** ok? Get it out of your head. With that being said, I don’t have a problem with group prayers in football or when an athlete thanks God for his well…God given ability. That’s all. 😉

  3. devilabrit

    I have to say that when after some action of some kind people get on a podium and give thanks to ME then so be it, I can tell them I didn’t do anything… but if it’s a woman calling my name, then guys your just inadequate, seriously though, taking my name or my sons name in vane will get you nowhere, we won’t help you achieve anything, afterall we are just characters from a really old novel….


  4. carpie19

    My family and I play a little game we like to call “Blank for Jesus!” Every time Ivan Rodriguez steps into the batter’s box it’s “Batting for Jesus!” Oh, Jimmy Rollins got a single? “Bases for Jesus!” Hey, cross wearing player, you knocked it out of the park! “Homerun for Jesus!” It’s basically just really fun to yell out “_____ for Jesus!” in any situation. Especially if there are strangers around.

  5. Jonah

    Remembering that last day of the season where Tanana spun his wizardry against the Blue Jays; maybe he just ran out of divine intervention against Minnesota. Or maybe God was a Twins fan.

    But on that autumn afternoon, all I could remember was seven losses in a row by Toronto and wondering, as a 10-year old, what a “choke-artist” was and why my dad was calling the Blue Jays just that. No God for Toronto fans that Sunday.

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